Hang Zhou National Silk Museum

Brief introduction :
Located at the foot of the Yu Huang mountain on the south bank of the world-famous west lake and open to visitors as of 26th Feb 1992, the museum is a showcase for the origination, evolution, variety of silk and the evolution of the Silk Road with its social implications and influences. The museum is divided into different halls with different functions. The Evolution History Hall displays photos and various silk antiques that reflect the 5000 years’ evolution and the advanced technology; the Silkworm and Mulberry Hall gave you some insight into the mysterious process of silkworm raising and silk making; the Dying and Weaving Hall composed of various buildings with strong ethnical features holding various dying and weaving devices like looms on which you can try your hands at it if interested. The Modern Accomplishment Hall showcased the accomplishments and technological breakthroughs in the silk production and trade. The exhibition halls can also host thematic displays and be venue for silk malls.

The first state-level museum dedicated to silk and also the largest of its kind in the world.

Silk dying or weaving products
Silk Embroidery
Precious Royal Silk Attire
Precious Artifacts excavated along the Silk Road

Address : No.73-1 Yu Huang Mt. Hang zhou
Open Hour : 8:30—16:30