Hangzhou National Tea Museum

Brief introduction : Surrounded by clusters of tea farms and boasting five exhibition halls , the museum vividly depicts the evolution of Chinese tea over a span of thousands of years and the colorful tea culture. The Chinese Tea Evolution Hall showcased the production process and evolution of Chinese tea and a variety of domestic and imported tea. The Teaware Hall depicts the evolution of Chinese teaware and deliberates on the planting , making and tasting of tea. The Tea Customs Hall is devoted bring to you the kaleidoscopic tea customs and etiquettes of Yun Yan , Sichuan, Tibet, Fujian, Guang Dong provinces and of the Ming and  Qing Period.

The exhibition center is divided into six tea-tasting session where visitors can have taste teas of various flavor and taste while enjoying tea making ceremonies . The exquisite and quintessential buildings against the backdrop of gardens alternating with tea farms make the visitors totally immersed in this strong tea culture.

Features : China's only museum dedicated to tea.

Tea exhibits
Precious teaware

Address : Shuang Feng , Long Jing Road, Hang zhou Zhe Jiang
Open Hours : 8:30—16:30

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