Meijiawu Tea Plantation


Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Village is nestled in the hinterland of West Lake District, and it is renowned as one of the most important tea production bases in Hangzhou, which once entertained leaders of the Soviet Union, the United States, Vietnam, Romania, Cambodia and other countries and regions.


Meijiawu Tea Village is situated on the west of West Lake. Once it was only a poor village with over six-hundred-year history until the local farmers started to plant tea. It has now become one of the Four Famous habitats for Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) and a featured tea-most farm village with rich tea culture and leisure tourism, which attracts over millions of tourists every year.

The tea culture village features 160 tea houses, in which travelers can learn about the history and culture of Meijiawu Tea Village and appreciate the whole process of Chinese Tea Ceremony. Meijiawu Village is reputed for its history of serving exquisite tea. Here elaborate tea taking ceremonies are held, you will be able to understand why partaking in tea ceremonies is of such importance for Chinese. This picturesque village will enable you to experience the pleasure of a perfect cup of tea, watch several tea ceremonies and most interesting selected tea under professional supervision.

The tea produced in Meijiawu Village is the best among all varieties of West Lake dragon tea. Local farmers usually pick tea leaves four times every year, Mingqian Tea before Pure Brightness (the 5th of the 24 solar terms), Yuqian Tea before Grain Rain (the 6th solar term), Sanchun Tea before Beginning of the summer (the 7th solar term) and Sichun Tea one month later.

Besides, Meijiawu Tea Village is renowned for its tea food with the favor of lightness, smooth, and slightly salty, such as shrimp in Longjing Tea, Shrimp Bucket in Bi Luo Tea, and Longjing fish. Recently, local restaurants issued several popular dishes, like Carp with Qingshui Tea, crispy skin chicken with Tea soup and idyllic stewed duck with Tea soup.

Travel Essentials

Location: Meiwujia Village, West Lake District, beside the Meilin Avenue

Getting there
Travelers can take city buses No. 4, 324, 5, Tour 4, Tour 5 and K658 from the city proper.

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