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Located on the north bank of the Qiantang River, Six Harmonies Pagoda was built in 970 to dispel the river's tidal bore, which was thought to be an evil manifestation. It was believed that unwanted natural phenomenon could be subdued by the building of pagodas, according to Buddhist understanding. Fortunately for tourism in Hangzhou the tidal waves don’t seem to have been significantly suppressed, and still hold the world record of 9 meters (30 feet).

Liuhe Ta, Six Harmonies Pagoda, was once a seven-storey stone pagoda, but later a 13-story wooden pagoda was built around the outside enclosing the wooden structure. The top level, accessed by a spiral staircase in the stone pagoda, offers a fine view of the surrounding mountains, the Qiantang River and Qiantang River Great Bridge, which is the largest double-decker (road above, rail below) bridge built by China. The ceiling of each level is carved and painted with flowers, birds and animals in an elegant and delicate style.

Six Harmonies Pagoda is named after nearby Six Harmonies Temple, but it could be said there are six harmonies within the structure itself where the 7-story inner pagoda harmonizes with the 13-story outer pagoda.

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The Six Harmonies Pagoda aka Liuhe Ta or Liu He Pagoda, one of the famous tours attractions in Hangzhou city, is located at the foot of Yuelun Shan (or Yuelun Hill, situated in the south of the West Lake) overlooking the famous Qiantang River. The name "six ...Read More
The Six Harmonies Pagoda, also known as the Liuhe Pagoda, sits on the southwestern fringe of Hangzhou. It is a perfect symbol of brick-and-wood structure built in the ancient China. It is first built in 970 AD in the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) by Qian ...Read More
Overview As the biggest in Zhejiang Province, Qiantang River runs from the west to Hangzhou Bay in the east. It serves as a river hinge, playing an important role in the water-transportation between the east and the west. It is encircled by a group of ...Read More

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by Maura 2011-05-23
Located on the Yuelun Hill besides Qiantang River, Six Harmonies Pagoda was built by King of Wuyu to ward off Qiantang bore. As high as 59.89 meters, this grand pagoda has 7 sides and 8 stories. Looked down from the top, all Qiantang River beauty is birdviewed. Now near Six Harnonies Pagoda, a Garden of Chines Ancient Pagodas with more than 100 pagodas and ...
by Nash 2011-05-23
The West Lake / Xi hu "Ripping water shimmering on sunny day, Misty mountains shrouded the rain; Plain or gaily decked out like Xizi; West Lake is always alluring." These are the words composed by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo (960-1127) when he compared the West Lake to Xi Zi, the most beautiful woman in ancient China. These poetic sentiments leave ...
by Cobden 2011-05-23
Pagoda of Six Harmonies Standing by the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, the Pagoda of Six Harmonies has for hundreds of years been praised by poets and men of letters. According to historic accounts, the pagoda was constructed first in 970 during the Northern Song Dynasty by Qian Hongchu, the king of Wuyue, who ruled the area of today's Jiangsu, Zhejiang and ...