Peak Flown From Afar

In West Lake Scenic area in the southwest of Hangzhou, Feilai Feng, the Hill Flown From Afar, is notable because its limestone geology is different to that of its surroundings. With many caves the limestone has provided a suitable material for carving out enduring images of Buddhas.

Peak Flown From Afar is adjacent to Lingyin Temple and stands 209 meters tall. An interesting legend goes that, in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Indian monk Huili visited this limestone hill and noticed it looked exactly like one in his own country. Huili insisted that the peak had flown over from India and settled in Hangzhou.

On the hillside and inside the caves are more than 500 Buddhas carved during the Five Dynasties (907-960), the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The stone figures appear in a variety of poses: standing, squatting, sitting and sleeping. They are part of China’s National Cultural Heritage and are protected by the government.

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by Freddie 2011-05-23
This mountain peak which is similar to the camel of the side of ravine, call camel s head . Especially when it is flown over that the cloud flows, that camel seems to live Stand up,if you can t hold high, get up very high,look at by the front afar, it whinnies that cloud is empty. From looking in a positive way, and one picture Big Buddhism. Here is six ...