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Zoomlion: Create the First Brand in India Construction Machinery Market

Zoomlion: Create the First Brand in India Construction Machinery Market

Write: Ingaberg [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-11-25

On Nov. 24th, India s construction business giants, organized by India Construction Machinery Industry Association, gathered in Changsha Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park. At present, Zoomlion product has become the first domestic enterprise projects, and continued to show strong growth in India market share. This is the results of the efforts of Zoomlion dealing with the recession in domestic market, vigorously developing the international market.
"In the fight against financial crisis, China has played a huge role, and Zoomlion also played a pivotal role in today's India engineering equipment market." ACE president of India, Mr. Sorab Agarwal said very excitedly. ACE is India's largest mobile crane manufacturer of construction machinery industry, and is also India's largest listed company; the business covers more than 70 regions across India.
As early as 2004, ACE began selling Zoomlion tower crane. At present, Zoomlion tower crane has occupied 40% of India's market share. In fact, over the next few years, Zoomlion tower crane is expected to exceed Potain, achieving the top for Indian tower crane market! Now, Zoomlion concrete pump, crawler cranes, rotary drilling rig, and other products are continuously entering Indian market. For India's national conditions, Zoomlion personalized design of the concrete pump, pump and other products.
As a superpower in Asia, India plays an important role in recent years of rapid development in Asia and the world economy. Although the current financial crisis has spread to developing countries, India's entrepreneurs are still full of confidence for the future. As Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attend the financial markets and the World Economic Summit said: "The influence of current international financial crisis on Indian is limited, because India's economic development this year will maintain a good level of 7.5 percent. "
Based on good environment and economic development trend in India, Zoomlion increased investment in the Indian market this year, taking Indian market as main front in the Asian region for Zoomlion global strategic layout. In June, the single largest value of 600 tons crawler cranes of domestic exports of construction machinery is from Changsha Zoomlion exporting to India, the total amount of contracts amounting to billions.
It is reported that Zoomlion will organize the India group the construction machinery market giants, to participate in mechanical engineering event "BAUMA" show in Shanghai and sign long-term strategic cooperation agreement on-site.
Zoomlion: Create the First Brand in India Construction Machinery Market

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