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Grand View Garden travels Beijing of China

Grand View Garden travels Beijing of China

Write: Luke [2011-05-23]

Grand View Garden travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

At 7:30 17:00 of slack period, busy season: 7:30-17:30.


The ticket costs 40 yuan, a series of tickets 55. Student s half price, group are favourable.


Taking No. 59, No. 819, No. 717, No. 122, No. 721, No. 806, No. 939, Bus No. 816 can be reached.


Grand View Garden is that one reproduces classical famous literary work in of Dream of the Red Chamber of China Grand View Garden The garden in the style of the ancients of the view, lie in the south vegetable garden (the southwest corner of urban area protects the city on the riverside) of Xuanwu District .

The former address is the royal vegetable garden in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, had set up dredged the administration here well in the Ming Dynasty . For shoot the intersection of TV play and the Dream of the Red Chamber , by the intersection of Red Chamber Studies and house and the intersection of ancient building and house, garden learn house discuss with the expert of history of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) jointly 1984, according to author s description in the book, adopt the skill and technique of classical building of China and traditional artistic tactics of landscaping to be built.

Building, Yamagata river system, plant in garden in the garden make the scene, essay to intersperse etc., try hard, describe by faithful the intersection of era and prevailing custom and detail in original work, Grand View Garden in the the Dream of the Red Chamber to visit one s parents or elders in the villa for Jia office old the intersection of young lady and yuans of build in spring, so hold in the garden regularly Princess Yuan visits one s parents or elders Ancient costume performance.

Beijing Grand View Garden is the extremely rich and characteristic classical garden of Beijing. Within the range of taking up an area of 13 hectares, more than 40 pavilions, terraces and open halls, Buddha courtyard of Buddhist nunnery mix with the river system, famous wood of flowers, crane in Yamagata and ring deer and crow, as the Fairyland.

Red educational circles think the dream outside the dream that it has realized Dream of the Red Chamber , show architecture of the culture of red building thinks it combines academy of red building, classical architecture, three method of traditional landscaping art together; The writer thinks it has created the movie & TV and put the new mode that the scene combines with gardens construction; The inner scenery of Grand View Garden of the garden: Fragrant pavilion of lotus root The forest circle thinks it has increased for the circle of garden of China The masterpiece garden Content historical relics new circle think last potential cultural heritage it,for red building culture (art) The museum is a real historical relic one hundred years later too.

Artistic charm and far-reaching value of the Grand View Garden have got society s extensive generally acknowledging.