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The village travels under Sichuan Beijing of China

The village travels under Sichuan Beijing of China

Write: Mindel [2011-05-23]

The village travels under Sichuan  Beijing of China


Keep 500 now under Sichuan, over 70 courtyard housings in Ming and Qing times. The whole village keeps the more intact ancient buildings like this, it is still a first discovery in China. The building of the whole village takes Chinese courtyard house of Qing Dynasty as the core, there is the style of Ming Dynasty too, most houses were the structure of the brick and tile, use local materials, the gate is in the southeast corner of the institute, an organic whole that it is sub to collect the tile carving, stone carving, wood carving in all buildings, come in every shape, duplicate seldom, happen style in fact, know purpose. For instance: A happy life the picture, magpie step on the branch, longing to see the son succeed in life, having good luck etc., it has orders and straggly, distinguish well arranged, longly and youngly. There is Mount Tai to support in the east gable of principal rooms of every home, chooses the long, great meaning in the east, have by the main road The door of board tower , the inn with sheds for carts and animals, novel, very strong shelter function of building.
The folk custom of culture: The village advocates culture under Sichuan, pays attention to educating, there were old-style private schools promptly in Qing Dynasty, and then built the national primary school, do and resist against Japan to patrol the primary school in the country at the time of the war of resistance. One household post guest, run the intersection of school and the intersection of graduation and proclamation in the arch over a gate, post, render meritorious service, move, rise, gallop across root Qing Dynasty in the another arch over a gate. The folk culture in the village is rich and colorful under Sichuan, offers a sacrifice to an ancestor and holds a memorial ceremony for the cooking stove, plays on a swing on Pure Brightness such as celebrating the New Year. Transfer to the light and admire the full moon on the Mid-autumn Festival on the 15th of the first month of the lunar year, set up the play group in the village, sing local opera.
Beauty spot historic site: The Cuan treasure valley ditch grotto in the north of the village resists against Japan in the site of primary school, there is weather of Line one in the north of the village ,Cypress nine stone burst, Beijing the honest site, supernatural colt s hoof nest, ancient Dragon King temple,etc. of the west, the mountain peak shape around is peculiar, most pictographs, there is the gold toad looks at the moon , mountain of the town of majestic tiger , supernatural bag whistle weather , the bat offers the good fortune , peak of the brush support , pen peak , insert, imprison the intersection of mountain range and son Wait, it is the rare natural landscape. Revolutionary struggle trace: In Anti-Japanese War, this piece 108 little village of household have 80 the intersection of people and join the army and revolutionary work of joining alone at that time under the Sichuan, there is 80% of the one for armyman s family, do the genus in the whole village, 34 people lay down one s life for one s country, 4 people disable, forty or fifty people work as a cadre outside, more than 20 people among them only managed belonging to grade. In 1942, a soldier of Eighth Route Army healing the wounds at home and seven exemplary team members, adopted the flexible strategy and tactics on the south slope roof beam, enter day puppet army that the mountain mopped up after beating back nearly one thousand, has kept the security of village and villager, this is famous The south slope roof beam fights . The existing Japanese aggressor troop burns the site of the room in the village.