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Travel in the good letter manor Urumchi of China

Travel in the good letter manor Urumchi of China

Write: Immacolata [2011-05-23]

Travel in the good letter manor  Urumchi of China


The good letter manor is originally known as the meeting training center of the cadre of post and telecommunications of Xinjiang, lie in the north suburb of Urumchi, adjoin the Chinese satellite communication earth station, covers an area of 43000 square meters, green coverage has already been up to 60%, appraised as the garden type unit of Changji state. Orientate as the standard of average hotel in the good letter manor, melt the meeting, training, food and beverage, accommodation, amuse, recreation is an organic whole, avoid in the noisy city, put in the champaign, it is other Land of Peach Blossoms of the city the great fame With the city in the village, the village in the city .
The good letter manor is that one is far away from the noisy happy land in the city, here is with the pure and fresh air, the grass looks like a carpet, the fruit is fragrant to overflow, with beautiful environment, well equipped, draw near the field in accordance with the village all around, there are cities in the city village, village Good reputation. There are villa, suite, standard room, triple room, comfortable hygiene of room in the guest room. The national style restaurant is based on the native characteristic of Xinjiang, the hall fixes up the conditions and customs uniquly, can taste cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine and homely dish in Xinjiang here, there are 8 all kinds of meeting-places, allocate the advanced audio-visual and teaching equipment, hold various meetings and ideal places that train. The inner recreational facilities of manor are complete, indoor thermostatical swimming pool, bowling, shuffle ball, billiards, sauna, dartlike weapon, badminton, tennis, table tennis, game machine, the card is chartered, fish, automatic mahjong, dance hall fly