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Polar region marine world travels Qingdao of China

Polar region marine world travels Qingdao of China

Write: Barwon [2011-05-23]

Polar region marine world travels  Qingdao of China

Open hour

Two times every February 1 May 31 every day, time is 11 of morning: 00,15 of afternoon: 30; Three times every June 1 October 31 every day, time is 10 of morning: 30,13 of afternoon: 30, 16: 00


Adult s full price ticket: 120 yuan

Child ticket: 60 yuan (children of 1.2- 1.4 meters 1.2 meters of effective and under children are free of charge)

Old ticket: 60 yuan (the elderly 60- 69 years old, enjoy the favour of half price according to old card, ID card)

The favourable ticket of old age: 10 yuan (this expenses are insurance premium, the old person is effective over 70)

Disabled person s favourable ticket: 60 yuan (effective according to the wounded or disabled card)

8:00- 17:30 (stop selling the ticket at 17:10)


City can take 11 No., 317 No., 501 No., 801 Bus No., either take 104 No., 304 No. and lead to the intersection of Lao and bus of mountain in the the intersection of wheat and island while being other The station can arrive while getting off. In addition, choose from the visitors driving it, marine world of polar region of Qingdao has offered the parking areas of 2000 parking stalls, it is more convenient.


Qingdao the intersection of polar region and marine world located in the intersection of Stone Old Man and the intersection of travel resort and the intersection of Qingdao and the intersection of polar region and marine world of the south, lean against the green hill, border the sea on three sides, the scene is beautiful, easily accessible. It is what has been made the investment and built on the basis of original Qingdao dolphin performance building incorporates food, accomodation, and transportation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment into an organic whole, large-scale open travel project taking ocean park as the theme, also one of seven major events of Olympic action plan travel sub-plan developed for meeting 2008 Olympic Games in Qingdao.
Marine world of polar region of Qingdao is by marine animal s hall of polar region, marine science and technology museum, bar the intersection of recreation and one of food and beverage street, street, four-star the intersection of seascape and hotel, the intersection of quay,etc. and six major function districts, people of fishing, trader of seascape, form. Its floor area of venue of the hall of marine animal of polar region is 47000 square meters, appearance model looks from side and is like a yacht, hull 31 meters high, two lofty perches of the sail are 44.4 meters and 55.4 meters respectively. There is the largest marine theater of polar region in the world at present here, it is with a construction area of 4500 square meters, auditorium consist of 2800 seat, the intersection of here and the intersection of beluga, dolphin, sea lion, walrus,etc. and performance on the same stage rare marine mammal, not merely quiet world where someone s whale dances together, and little animals participate in the unprecedented grand occasion of the warm-up match of the Olympic Games.
On East Road of East China Sea of the eastern newly developed area, are made up of marine amusement house and dolphin performance building. Watching focus: The marine amusement city is to build up aquatic amusement park of the largest scale of China in 1996. Divided into upstream skill and big class of amusement on water two in land, launch many kinds of thrill, amazing, full of interesting amusement projects, visit activities only during Beer Festival of Qingdao now, do not open at ordinary times. Dolphin performance building the intersection of Asia and most advanced, the intersection of China and an only dolphin palace incorporating raising and performing the function into an organic whole at present. It lies in the eastern section of the east sea route. Abut Fushan in the north, the south draws near the Huanghai Sea, the mountain is reflected in the sea on day, it is an organic whole that clouds are loose, with beautiful environment, scenery pretty, intersperse, go to the travel scenery on mountain of Lao like one bright pearl on the line, appreciate the excellent dolphin and performance of other sea beasts here, make people stop and enjoy oneself. There are indoor, outdoor two pieces of performance field in dolphin s hall.