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The witch travels in the common shrine Suzhou of China

The witch travels in the common shrine Suzhou of China

Write: Fernando [2011-05-23]
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The witch travels in the common shrine  Suzhou of China


Witch common shrine lie in refined to collect right of pavilion, old times salty and son Wu Xian, witch of looks, of offering sacrifices to etc.. According to year such as will such as city, Song celebrate the intersection of city and people dig the soil, take an ancient tablet in the intersection of supposition and the intersection of Green Dragon and hillock of mountain among the yuan, submit a written statement to salty tomb of the looks witch of a trader Five ancient word, county magistrate seasonable to build shrine their, insert the room on the intersection of speech and sub shrine then grandson have.
More bright by the eighth year of Jiajing 1529 years) ,County magistrate the intersection of moustache and phoenix please resist history to be old and auspicious on governor of a province, propose, study the intersection of chapter and eremonial dress for royalty, beginning formal official statement denouncing an enemy or a traitor build hall and offer the intersection of hall and every 4 principal column of a hall to, cause the west of Taoist temple on the supposition mountain, set up the crossdrift, the table is called: common shrine of the virtuous looks witch of the trader ,Department causes and holds a memorial ceremony for apposition in spring and autumn. The Imperial College hold a memorial ceremony for wine, extensive region Chen, people of city, write and write. In bright season, are taken as the government office by the troop training officer.
More clear by the ten year of Shunzhi s rign 1653 years) ,MengDing, light Shao Wang,etc. reconstruct, study left side of platform on clear bright crown prince shrine, write remembering, fasten and abolish in modest benefit of the money. The 25th year of Kangxi ( 1686 years) ,County magistrate Yang shake algae until east the intersection of village and waste temple change shrine outside the the intersection of guest and the intersection of soup and door, move to the intersection of witch and salty wood, offer sacrifices to their mainly, and then also abolish. The ninth year of Qianlong ( 1744 years) ,Store the grain one to think Royal s Kazakhstan is good at rebuilding by visiting the document courtyard, and write and write, with offering sacrifices to witch s salty witch s virtuous father and son. The chastity one of the pottery is also written and written. The 41st year of Qianlong ( 1776 years) ,Move and offer sacrifices to it visiting the west drawing room of the document institute. The tenth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty ( 1860 years) Destroy. The 29th year of Guangxu ( 1903) Rebuild the foot of a mountain after the courtyard.
Destroyed again after the foundation of the state, the landscape office of the city furnished funds of 56,000 yuan to rebuild in the present location in 1985, lay out into the park teahouse now.