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One is old and climing to dawdle in the scenic spot to travel Red River of China

One is old and climing to dawdle in the scenic spot to travel Red River of China

Write: Asztrik [2011-05-23]
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One is old and climing to dawdle in the scenic spot to travel  Red River of China


It belongs to Ben Gu (namely Linan office, builds water county today) that one is old and ancient ,Belong to the intersection of Mengzi and county when the yuan, call piece on being old. The 2nd year of the Republic of China (A.D. 1913) Set up the county, turned county into a city (the county) in 1950 .
Lie in the southern regions of the Yunan Province, 318 kilometers from Kunming, area is 1374 sq. km., population 360,000, is the new developing industrial city of Yunnan. It is high, high quality and well-known with its output of tin, it is world-famous tin. According to the records of prefectural state s annals of Chinese book : Gu Ben adopt mountain, produce copper tin. Go through every generation of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, manage for being folk, to the ninth year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1883) Start to have officers and traders to manage. The 29th year of the Republic of China (A.D. 1940) Establish the cloud Nancy industry s company, is up to more than 4000 tons at the beginning of the 20th century output, accounts for more than 90% of China s export quantum.
An old urban construction changes with each passing day, facilities are complete, the traffic is convenient, it is the Capital site of Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe now. Pieces of old pieces of old lake, the intersection of treasure and the intersection of China and park, the intersection of Datun and sea, the intersection of sand and the intersection of hot spring,etc. and scenic spot Jia. Piece old to dawdle while being climing scenic spot lie within the boundaries of Gejiu, by climing to dawdle, tin, make up by White Cloud Mountain, the intersection of Datun and sea, the whole area is 148 sq. km.. Scenery resources are climing to dawdle in the tropical rainforest of mountain region; There is the largest gibbon of China that raises the base -Huashan zoo of the treasure; Have the intersection of Yunnan and domestic most high temperature 95- 103 ) Girl spill bottom hot spring; Have the intersection of China and new kinds of many the intersection of fork and the intersection of iron and view Su of latest find; There is tin culture having won fame both at home and abroad; There is remaining chicken of China Street) One is (old) Railway traffic 600 millimetres wide.
Suitable for studying in going sightseeing, living beings investigating, tin culture and nationality s industrial development history. An old city is pretty and cleverly-made, the house is built around the gold lake, neat hygiene, green tree made a pleasant shade, had appraised as one of the Chinese top ten hygiene cities in 1990.
City have the intersection of treasure and the intersection of China and park, the intersection of treasure and the intersection of China and temple can visit, visit, reach 70 from the intersection of urban area and kilometer of sand hot spring water temperature Jias, a good place for recuperating and taking a shower. Such tin esthetic and graceful handicrafts as an old tin drawing, tin wine produced has, it is a famous and precious tourist souvenir. Rice noodles, cooking the bean curd, Mengzi New Year cake is the famous local delicacies. Treasure the intersection of China and park lie Gejiu under the the intersection of the east and old Yinshan Mountains, raise like, tiger, leopard, bear, silver pheasant, peacock rare birds and animals in the garden, second only to the zoo of the flexible mountain of Kunming in Yunnan. Scarce the intersection of animal and gibbon take the intersection of China and the intersection of owning amount and half of zoo, more, determine the intersection of reproduction and centre of gibbon as system, garden of China. Plant various flowers and trees such as loose, China fir, camellia, tree peony,etc. in the garden, there are pavilion pavilions of pavilions.
Ascend a height and look far into the distance, have a panoramic view of, make people completely relaxed and happy an old appearance of the city. The temple of China of the treasure lies in southeast Chinese unicorn s Shanxi hillfoot of a kilometer in Gejiu. More clear by the ninth year of Kangxi 1670 years) Spring, wander about Taoist priest outstanding benevolence Li income dig the stone to cut into a mountain, creat the Buddhist and Taoist temples in order to solicit contributions. The descendant enshrines and worships in the temple for its statue, commemorate with the will. The temple of China of the treasure was extended, rebuilt many times later, after especially allocated funds renovation by the municipal government to extend several years ago, the appearance takes on an entirely new look, one group is of a tightly knit structure that take shape, join the mistake and fall by overall arrangement, imposing manner hero s rich temple buildings. There are buildings such as hole of Goddess of Mercy, clever officer s pavilion, Dragon King temple, the common shrine, the white ape s floor of roof beam, hall of the God of Wealth,etc. in the temple of China of the treasure. The ancient wood reaches to the sky in the temple, the clear stream is murmuring, look down at the urban area and come clearly into view, then prospect of a city in the evening nightfall, bright and brilliant, it is an old excursion center.