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People travel in the paradise Wuhan of China

People travel in the paradise Wuhan of China

Write: Winston [2011-05-23]

People travel in the paradise  Wuhan of China


People s paradise is a larger cultural place of entertainment. Established in 1919. Or trader s camp or operated by official bodies, several degrees are easier. The new market of the name of the beginning, have renamed as the blood and spent world, people s club, people s paradise, written and written the new market etc. with tomorrow newly. After Anti-Japanese War wins, are determined as the name of today.
Rectified after the foundation of the state, the appearance took on an entirely new look. The high building is clustered round all around, round the middle compound, take the form of a closed ring. Floor area is more than 20,000 square meters. Between every group of buildings, connect in order to pierce through the corridor, overline bridge, to follow the steps from head to foot, winding and very open ,The structure is tight, the model is novel. Especially the tower building belonged to in entrance hall, 6 storeys high, towering and tall and straight, rather grand.
There are electrons, voice control in the garden. Only recreation facilities such as accusing of, distorting mirror, miniature, target range, billiard room, children s electric automobile, train, bumper car,etc., it have by folk art forms, Wushu, acrobatics, driving, song and dance, film and Beijing, Chinese, clear, Henan Province especially, show at commenting ten multi-type drama, with a deafening sound of gongs and drums, in charge of the string and toot, the happy laughters rise from all around, lively and outstanding.