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Chinese folk art village travels Xi an of China

Chinese folk art village travels Xi an of China

Write: Henleigh [2011-05-23]

Chinese folk art village travels  Xi   an of China


Chinese folk art village lies in Xi an Film Studio Qin Royal Palace. Led by province cultural department developed and constructed in April of 1994, it was the folk custom scenic spot that Xi an urban area developed newly. The artistic village is in the form of building of market town in the style of the ancients, and there are cave dwellings, various workshops, shops, wine four, unless it is simple and unsophisticated refined, in courtyard flowers and plants are fragrant,by there is bridge flowing waters light.
Various folk art that the artistic village has gathered in Xi an area, and engage more than 20 folk actors as visitor s live performance, visitors are on the spot in person, can also participate in directly and manufacture, add the interest of sightseeing, increase experience. Main folk art project and activity that the artistic village shows are as follows, weave cotton cloth, knit blanket, the intersection of grass and bamboo plaiting article, maos of rough embroidering, cloth art,etc., weave the craft among the people; Make the pottery, clay sculpture, wood carving, stone carving, stone inscription, papermaking, casting iron and national instrumental music and manufacture etc. and carve casting technology; Plank New Year picture, cloth pile picture, peasant picture, calligraphy and north of Shanxi Province paper-cut performance. Various travel handicrafts, souvenirs that has the local characteristic alone are suitable for choosing in the artistic village, entertainment sport activity of still riding a horse, shooting an arrow etc..