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Yu garden travels Xiamen of China

Yu garden travels Xiamen of China

Write: Habib [2011-05-23]

Yu garden travels  Xiamen of China

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Yu garden lies in the southeast Fuxing Road of Gulang Island, it is for commemorating the famous expert, doctor Lin Qiao-zhi of gynaecology and obstetrics in China (1901- 1983 years) And build. The whole garden covers an area of 5700 square meters, building arrangement is harmonious naturally. Doctor Lin Qiao-zhi s white marble stone carving looks like and is located in the stone level ground in Yu garden, kindly face, simple clothing is affable like the loving mother.

doctor Lin Qiao-zhi life story showroom Have exhibited the photo that more than 100 doctor Lin studied, worked and lived before death and a lot of articles that she used before death. Two araucarias which comrade Deng Yinchao planted in the garden personally, symbolize the character of doctor Lin s show with noble and unsullied ease.

Doctor Lin Qiao-zhi was born in family of a teacher of Gulang Island, graduated from Beijing to coordinate the medical university in 1929. She has noble medical ethics, the medical skill is consummate, there are more than 50,000 babies delivering a child in person in all one s life, treat countless gynecological patients, but oneself is friendless.