Cong Hua Spring

Conghua Spring, also named as Liuxihe Spring, is a scenic spot and wonderful health resort famous both at home and abroad. The spring, originating from the cracks of the granite in Yan Mountain, runs through the banks and the valley floors in the shape of belt and wells up at several places such as the Spring Resort in Wenquan Town, Liantang in Liangkou Town and Xian gyang in Jiekou Town, mostly in the form of rising water. The glittering and translucent spring water is colorless and tasteless, rich in elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Silicon Dioxide and Radon and so on. Until now people have discovered 12 mouths of spring with the lowest temperature of 36 degrees centigrade and the highest temperature of 71 degrees centigrade. Conghua Spring has actual medical benefits of assisting in curing arthritis and various illnesses concerning the skin, digestive apparatus, and nervous system. Conghua Spring has been used for medical treatment since ancient times and hence is called the "First Spring in Lingnan Area". What's more, a stele in honor of the great advances in medicine erected about a hundred years ago praised that the spring water could cure all diseases. Later, at the very beginning the 20th century, Conghua Spring was further developed and the facilities in resort area and tourist area were gradually improved. On March 11th, 1988, a comprehensive nature reserve was built in order to protect the resources of underground hot water and the surface water of Liuxi River and the natural wonders in the Spring Park.

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