Sacred Heart Cathedral

Construction of the cathedral began in 1863 and finished in 1888 after 25 years' effort. The cathedral is also called "Stone Chamber" or "Stone Chamber Jesus Cathedral" or "Stone Chamber Catholic Church" because all the walls and pillars in the cathedral were made of granite.

Sacred Heart Cathedral covers an area of 2,754 square meters with 35 meters in width, 78.69 meters in length and 58.5 meters in height. It is of the Gothic style whose grand scale and impressive presence can rival the world famous Notre-Dame de Paris in France.

There are a couple of majestic double-pointed stone towers in front of the cathedral. To the west of the middle of the two stone towers, there is a big clock and to the east there is a magnificent bell tower that has four bronze bells from France. The ceiling of the cathedral is in the shape of a vault. There are elegant folio flower panels on the front gate and the walls. All the doors and windows of the cathedral are decorated by colorful glasses of dark red, yellow, blue, and green and so on made in France. These colorful glasses can protect the interior of the cathedral from strong solar radiation to keep the benign and solemn atmosphere inside.
Evergreen trees and colorful flowers surround sacred Heart Cathedral.

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