Nanhai Temple

Nanhai Temple, also called Poluo Temple, is an important and sacred place for ancient people exploring the Southern China Sea. It is an important site of ancient Chinese transportation and overseas trade as well as the starting point of the marine Silk Route. It is the only architectural heritage remained among the Donghai Temple, Nanhai Temple, Xihai Temple and Beihai Temple in ancient China. Nanhai Temple is an important historic site of China's foreign trade in ancient times ( Guangzhou is the starting point of the marine Silk Route).

Nanhai Temple, with a history of 1400 years, was built at the 14th year of the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty. Every emperor sent officials to hold a memorial ceremony there since the Sui Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, the temple has many valuable inscriptions and is honored as the "Forest of Southern Steles".    

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