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White Clouds Mountain is a famous mountain in South China. It is honored to be the first scenery of Goat City and the first mountain of Southern Yue since ancient times due to its magnificence and loftiness. It is made up of 30 peaks with the major peak of Mo Xing Ling whose altitude is 382 meters. The summit of the mountain will be wreathed by clouds whenever the sky clears after the rain or in the late spring time. The mountain is hence called Baiyun Mountain. September to November is most suitable time to climb the mountain because of the fine weather and moderate temperature.

The mountain range is full grandeur with majestic peaks and crisscrossed valleys. There remained the ancient site of mountain Stream Pu which is said to be the residence of Zheng Anqi of the Qing Dynasty when he secluded himself there. There is a Jiu Long Quan (Nine-dragon Spring), with a history of more than 2,000 years, which is said to be discovered in the Qing Dynasty.

There is also the tomb of Zhang Erqiao, a singer in the Ming Dynasty, which is called Baihua Mound; a stele with the vivid Chinese charater of "Hu"(tiger) inscribed by Liu Yongfu, a general of Hei Qi Jun (Black Banner Army) in the Qing Dynasty; and the scenic spots of Dripping Rock, Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dawn, Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dusk, the First Peak on earth, Peal Tower, Shuiyue Pavilion and so on.

Travelers can appreciate the overall splendid landscape of Guangzhou and especially the beautiful jade-belt-liked Zhoujiang River when standing at the spot of Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dusk, leaning against the railings and staring as far as they can. 

White Clouds Mountain is a famous historic attraction in Guangzhou, with lots of splendid scenery and places of interest, elected as the historical and new Eight Attractions of Guangzhou. The whole scenic spot consists of seven tourist spots: Pearl Tower Tourist Spot, Mo Xing Ling Tourist Spot, Ming Chun Valley Tourist Spot, San Tai Ling Tourist Spot, Luhu Lake Tourist Spot, Fei E Ling Tourist Spot and He Yi Ling Tourist Spot. Travelers can not only appreciate the natural scenes but also go grassing, take slideway, and enjoy bungee there.

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by Thara 2011-05-23
Traffic White cloud hole is located in military Han River summer the paper of the district is spun. Can take the minibus to go from Wuhan the paper is spun. Make 901 No. minibus or make other bus generally, can reach paper spin town to be all right. Can go by car after the paper is spun, or go on foot directly. Come out from white cloud hole, there are cars ...
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Ticket The ticket costs 8 yuan. Cable car go up a hill 30 yuan. Traffic 1,Take taxi from the intersection of Qionghai and city, come and go 50, take motorcycle, come and go 20 yuan. 2,Going to officer s highway of the hot spring of the pool by car, can arrive to move ahead straight according to the sign. Introduce Lie in the southwest of Qionghai, the whole ...
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Open hour 8:00- 16:00 Ticket 5 yuan Traffic Address: Large border road No. 239 of Huangpu district 11,135,217,401,517,736,911,920,940 No., the intersection of bridge and Line two, square the intersection of Sichuan and the intersection of line and old the intersection of west and a terminus. Via to have 17, 18, 23, 24, 569, 715, 781, 782, 864 Luis old west ...