Museum of the Nanyue King of the Western Han Dynasty

The tomb of the Nanyue king is the most attractive scene in the museum. It is the tomb of Zhao Mei who was the grandson of Zhao Tuo, a general of the Qin Dynasty who unified the Lingnan area. Zhao Mei was the second king of the Nanyue principality whose capital was in Panyu. He gave himself the title of Emperor Wen. The tomb has a history of more than 2,000 years and is the earliest large mastaba with colored mural paintings in Lingnan area.

The tomb was found by accident in 1983. It was hidden about 20 meters below the surface of the mountain and is built out of 750 big stones. Wooden boards were laid at the bottom of the tomb and the sides of which were covered by stone slabs. The whole tomb was magnificent and complicated and specific in its layout with two stone doors dividing it into small compartments.

Among the antiques recovered from the tomb of the Nanyue King, the jade artifacts are some of the most important representatives. There are jade pieces for ceremonies, funerals, decorations and practical usage in more than 200pieces that have been excavated. It is the best collection of jade from the tombs of the Han Dynasty based on the large number, plentiful variety and good preservation. The museum also displays dozens pottery and porcelain pillows the Tang Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. It is amazing that the museum has collected such a large number and variety of the porcelain pillows kilns.
The museum not only displays these antiques permanently but holds temporary exhibition so that it can present the magnificent development of human civilization from different angles.

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