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Phoenix s international youth hotel Hunan western Hunan of China

Phoenix s international youth hotel Hunan western Hunan of China

Write: Lyle [2011-05-23]

Phoenix   s international youth hotel  Hunan western Hunan of China

Address: Hunan Province Western Hunan Phoenix county small bay in a river river town Shawan 11 ( By closing in the east of Hongqiao) Telephone number : 0743-3260677 faxes : 0743-3260677 zipcodes : 416200

Phoenix s international youth hotel is the first hotel which introduces the international youth hotel idea in Hunan Province, reconstructed by the local local-style dwelling houses, there is a history of nearly 200 years in the building of arch over a gate of this hotel, it is phoenix s ancient city that keeps the most intact an arch over a gate of the largest scale at present. We hotel devoted to for propagate local natural scenery, carry forward local the intersection of folk custom and history and culture and try varied lively type of operation.

Hotel websites: http://www.wayfarist.com

The network discusses edition: http://b276945.xici.net

Transfer by telegram: tianyha@163.com

Phoenix s ancient city lies in the western edge of Hunan Province, located in the border area of four provinces of Hunan, Hubei Province, Sichuan, Guizhou Province. There are abundant humanity and natural resources here, there are grand yellow silk bridge ancient cities, strange roof beam holes, and floor of ancient city, Diao Jiao Lou on the bank of the river, there is that that flies in palace, Longevity Hill palace of Chaoyang of the sets of brackets on top of the columns of the eaves even more Hui silly Sui Yan Fu s rancour Deceive? Ma V ridicule beak is macerated ? Is Que great Mei cold? ? Does the craftsman sneak 3 to one extensively to stop the group to engrave on gold or silver? Side stunned the intersection of nurse and the intersection of Gou and 1 disease the intersection of contraction and the intersection of bone and first human skull clothing Finland install all of a sudden? Is Qu s table Mao let out? Juan hangs on to herd the reef Fang) Invade? Arc? Here is with green hills and clear waters, blue and green green small bay in a river and river, thick and green south Huashan, a place of exhibition all becomes scenery; Able men are coming forth in multitudes here, Xiong XiLing, first Premier of the Republic of China, western Hunan king Chen QuZhen, writer Shen CongWen, painter Huang Yongyu s hometown are here; Here Tujia, the Miao nationality, the Han nationality live in a mixed community, is keeping the architectural styles and life customs of the Miao nationality, Tujia intactly, like a national page of sonditions and customs