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Zoomlion Make World Record in Concrete Pumping Construction

Zoomlion Make World Record in Concrete Pumping Construction

Write: Lyonel [2011-05-20]
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Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-12-18

Smashing record high of 400 meters
by pumping ultra-high-strength concrete C100
for West Tower project of Guangzhou Pearl River New City
On December 16th, it is on the construction site of Guangzhou Pearl River New City West Tower project. Ultra-high-strength concrete C100, that is Zoomlion s production with complete intellectual property rights, has been successfully sent to more than 400 meters platform by the two concrete pumps HBT90.40.572RS. New world record of pumping construction was born, therefore world-class construction problem of high-grade, high-intensity, and high-viscosity concrete pumping operations was cracked.

Guangzhou International Financial Center (Guangzhou West Tower) was located in the core of Guangzhou Pearl River New City area. The total land area is of 31,084 square meters with a total construction area of 450,000 square meters, which is it is nationally first on the construction area (Shanghai World Financial Center is of 380,000 square meters); the whole project with 5 story underground, 103 story above of the main tower, which it is nationally first on the structure of stories (Shanghai World Financial Center-101, Taipei 101 Building 101). The total height of West Tower Building is of 437.5 meters, listed as the world's No. 6, and 3rd in China. The project costs a total investment of 6 billion yuan, which is started on Jan. 31st in 2007 and will seal roof in recent days.

Guangzhou West Tower will become a global landmark with its unique beautiful olive shape and improved function of the building. Because of this, Guangzhou West Tower construction project is extremely difficult, facing tight construction and high technology requirements, a huge amount of work, complex project structure and construction techniques, and other complex problems, of which the ultra-high-performance concrete pumping is the first to be affected. Project contractor China Construction Corporation, after choosing Zoomlion equipment as concrete pumping construction in CCTV new building construction project, strategically choose Zoomlion as equipment suppliers again. West Tower project thus become a model for powerful alliances of China's construction industry and construction equipment manufacturers, to co- challenge new height of the world.

West Tower project s largest height of pouring is of 437.45m, with 800 cubic meter transport requirements for each story in 10 hours that is transfer actual 80 per hour; to consider waiting material and other objective factors which can not be expected, it needs concrete pump transmission capacity up to 90 / hours. In this ultra-high pumping, pumping concrete must be of high grade (C80 ~ C90 ~ C100), pumping resistance of high-grade and high-performance concrete is more than that of ordinary concrete, concrete pump discharge pressure is required to achieve 29Mpa more than that 21Mpa of ordinary concrete.

To meet the special requirements of Guangzhou West Tower, Zoomlion sets up technical working group by senior experts of the project for the development, design and manufacturing of a set of pumping equipment and successfully researches and develops HBT110.40.572 RS ultra high-pressure concrete pump with full independent intellectual property rights. Its hydraulic system pressure is of 32MPa, concrete discharge pressure is up to 40MPa, and theoretical pumping height is more than 600 meters; these can fully meet the requirements of the pumping project. Through system optimized design of hydraulic and electrical parts and finite element analysis of the key pieces such as: hopper, S valves, tanks, glasses plate and bar, a series of difficult problems are solved such as the reasonableness of the overall layout, the sealing and working reliability of hydraulic system under of the solution large displacement of high-pressure, the control of the oil temperature under high-power working conditions; rigid system of the pumping system; seal reliability; suction efficiency under high viscosity of concrete pumping; design of low damping pipeline pumping and sealing reliability of pipe under high-pressure working conditions and so on.

West Tower is a system engineering project, which requires not only high-quality pumping equipment, but also more rational layout of the pipelines and pumping concrete can improve the performance of pumps. The project team demonstrates every detail such as pipe diameter, pipe thickness, form of joint, and ring link, to choose the best program in order to ensure the effective pumping construction requirements. With making intensive survey in West Tower construction site under high-temperature,designing a number of tube programs, repeatedly communicating with heads of building and construction units, Zoomlion techniciansfinally determined the most scientific and rational Concrete Pipeline tube program to ensure the smooth progress of the concrete pumping construction.
On April 22nd in 2008, with the construction side, Zoomlion successfully held the International Symposium of ultra-high-performance concrete pumping in Guangzhou. West Tower project has attracted attention from professional brothers around the world. On October 17th, high-performance concrete C100 successfully pumped to 333 meters high by one try and refresh world record of high-performance and super-ultra-high concrete pumping. At the end of this month, the main structure of West Tower will be roof sealed; a year later, the project will be completed.
Witnesses at the scene of the world record, Han Xuesong chairman of China Construction Machinery Industry Association pleased to tell reporters: "through the success of West Tower project, Zoomlion not only demonstrated its leading technology in the concrete pumping equipment and construction to the whole world, but also indicated that China engineering machinery and equipment is fully capable of undertaking any difficult concrete pumping project in the world!"
Zoomlion Make World Record in Concrete Pumping Construction
Technology Highlights of Zoomlion Ultra-high-pressure Pumping Equipment
1. The application is currently the world's most advanced intelligent remote control technology and energy saving and environmental protection technology

Remote positioning and real-time monitoring technology is based on the adoption of GPRS and GPS technology. Global Positioning System (GPS) can receive signals from space satellite navigation and position, and China Mobile's GPRS network analyzes wireless transmission of data. Importing with the two technologies, Zoomlion ultra-high-pressure concrete pump HBT90.40.572RS achieve remote positioning and real-time intelligent control.

This technology allows pumping equipment to do real-time monitoring; transmission and record of data, and engineering manager ensure the construction of pumping energy in the state of the highest operating efficiency by the realization of remote fault diagnosis through internet network control equipment.

2. Create the world's most powerful pumping system
Like a person engaging in high-intensity operations, he must have a strong heart. Zoomlion "West Tower pump" is the real world "pump King", which creates the world's largest concrete pump outlet pressure, and of which theory pumping can achieve a high degree of 1,000 meters. We can ensure that the structure of high-strength, low deformation through the use of dynamic simulation design technology, combined with advanced manufacturing process; at the same time, by the creatively using technology convergence of double-pump, and usually working at the same time of two sets of pumps, they can also be separately operated to greatly increase the reliability of the construction process. A powerful, all-round optimized performance of pumping system was born.

3. The original "zero impact" shuttle technology
In the super-high concrete pumping, anti-pressure of inner tube concrete largely impacts for concrete pump equipment and pipeline system, which might cause damage to equipment and piping system. Ultra-high-pressure pump concrete HBT90.40.572RS of Zoomlion uses their original zero impact shuttle patent; combined with soft pumping technique which effectively reduces the impact of the concrete pipeline system, so as to enhance the performance of the machine. At the same time, innovative use of new materials and techniques substantially increases the life of wearing parts, and reduce the cost of the equipment running in great extent.

4. The scientific pipeline system
If the pump is the heart of pumping system, then the pipe is the vascular channels. Ultra-high-pressure pumping construction requires 3 times of antiknock and wear life of pipe which is more than that of ordinary pipe. West Tower project uses special wear-resistant alloy ultra-high-pressure pipeline, with a special heat treatment; lives 8 times longer than ordinary steel pipe and more significantly increases the anti-explosion and wear life of pipeline. Particularly the key positions use double-double thick-walled pipe material, to create construction records of pumping 170,000 square one-time to the top, with no changing of pipeline.
West Tower is a systematic engineering project, which requires not only high-quality pumping equipment, but also more rational layout of the pipeline to improve pump performance of delivering high-performance concrete. Through the use of computer software for the delivery of the entire pipeline system analysis, Zoomlion designs the best option. At the same time, combined with Zoomlion different product categories and more professional and technical advantages, Zoomlion creatively develops a unique auto-control inside-climbing aircraft; which ensures the delivery pipeline at the vacant floor of the set, and climb higher floors with the automatic. At various points of materials and manufacture of the pipeline, Zoomlion uses dozens of their own patents and advanced technology.
Zoomlion Make World Record in Concrete Pumping Construction

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