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Track into suburban Beijing's Yanyu Mountain

Track into suburban Beijing's Yanyu Mountain

Write: Shakira [2011-05-31]

Mountain hikers are usually drawn to unspoiled landscapes. Yanyu mountain in suburban Beijing's Yanqing County is such a place. Far off the main thoroughfare connecting Yanqing with the hustling capital, Yanyu mountain is part of the rolling mountain range of Jundu mountain, with its peak rising at 1,287 meters.

Standing at the foot of Yanyu mountain is Yongning or forever peaceful village, with a history dating back to 645 B.C. The layout of the village abides exactly by the design of traditional Chinese cityscapes. At the center of the village, the point where the south-north axis meets the east-west axis, locates a three-story pavilion. Climbing up the wooden stairs of the pavilion, visitors can enjoy soothing vistas of stretching green mountains and criss-crossed lanes of the village.

Yongning village serves as a stopover for outdoor enthusiasts, who climb Yanyu mountain for its historical feel and its various dishes made from tofu.