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Travel in the artistic manor of fragrant dyke vanilla of purple sea Beijing of China

Travel in the artistic manor of fragrant dyke vanilla of purple sea Beijing of China

Write: Jigisha [2011-05-23]

Travel in the artistic manor of fragrant dyke vanilla of purple sea  Beijing of China


The vanilla garden lie in the intersection of Beijing thick umbrella of clouds county and the intersection of Gubeikou and town, 120 kilometers from Beijing urban area. Drive by oneself: Beijing urban area reach thick umbrella of clouds Bear the high speed in Beijing) ,Make after the high speed continuing along 101 national road to the intersection of Simatai Great Wall and the intersection of memorial archway and, 2 arrive promptly inwards from the memorial archway; The public transport of about 1.

5 hours: Take No. 980 in Dongzhimen and go to Miyun county town, the drive is 2 hours, public transportation card is 6 yuan for each person; Transfer light piece to the intersection of soup and the intersection of river and the intersection of village and the intersection of vanilla and artistic manor, an hour such as drive, 10 yuan for each person.


The fragrant dyke of purple sea is enclosed with hills on four sides, the scenery is beautiful, smoking the grass field of the clothing, silent soup river that trickles and adding the dense gold mountain forest of 20 hectares, form a beautiful unique scenery picture definitely.
Having planned 12 love theme views in the garden, each view can set up the interdynamic game according to the demand of the group activity. Have already built up and opened 4 views to the outside world now. Wall of the love, constellation love column, fragrant spring make a vow pool, clock, the intersection of true love and large fight, fragrant the intersection of sea and small log cabin, honeyed palace, the intersection of Cupid and sculpture, the intersection of love and 18 curved old the intersection of mulberry tree and remember, the intersection of love and rock,etc. of miracle.
Vanilla DIY: Visitors can make tea of vanilla, fragrant bag, vanilla soap, candle,etc. personally. Not only the fun that can try to be made, can also present relatives and friends this unique present.
The large classroom of vanilla: The vanilla expert teaches you how to know vanillas live, explain the origin, application, implied meaning, allusion and legend of the vanilla to you at the same time, understanding vanilla making visitors deeper, understanding vanillas.
The theme view of the love is interdynamic: The garden has already built up 4 love views, the wall, constellation love column, fragrant sea small log cabin, old mulberry tree of the love remember. Every one has interdynamic full of fun to let visitors find pleasure in it.
The river of soup goes angling: The river of soup flows through the vanilla garden, water quality is good, the peripheral ecological environment is superior, the carp, black carp in groups can satisfy visitors to go angling.
Mountaineering: There are numerous hills near the vanilla garden, recent Kingsoft and Western Hills can for visitors to climb, the mountaintop can be in order to have a guide look of the vanilla garden panorama.
Pluck: Not only may pluck various vanillas, sunflowers in the vanilla garden, his produce of the intersection of Gubeikou and town located is abundant, can also pluck chestnut, wild jujube, hickory nut,etc., let visitors come back with fruitful result.
Wedding square: Smoke the intersection of clothing and grass, spend the intersection of wedding and the intersection of ceremony and district among the sea, can hold, attend a ceremony by 100 people at the same time; The on-the-spot master of ceremonies will arrange all details, flowers, the music, cake, Champagne properly; And kind hospitality.