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Travel at the scenic spot of ravine of Mentougou Longmen Beijing of China

Travel at the scenic spot of ravine of Mentougou Longmen Beijing of China

Write: Madrona [2011-05-23]

Travel at the scenic spot of ravine of Mentougou Longmen  Beijing of China


Longmen ravine Grand Canyon -35 yuan each; Spirit valley costs 25 yuan each; The unsettled temple of the west of Beijing costs 15 yuan each. Students, the elderly are reduced by half personnel free of charge according to the old card, leave one s post


Address: The traffic route of village of Taiwan of the Yan s of garrison post of fresh water of Mentougou of Beijing: Apple the intersection of field and iron stand, take, get off and arrive promptly by 929 the intersection of No. Branch and the intersection of Bus No. and Shangqing River station.


National 2A grade travel scenic spot. Lie in the town of fresh water of Mentougou District of Beijing, 109 national roads can be reached. About 90 km from Beijing urban area. She has yellow grass roof beam scenic spot, the east to occupy to border on the scenic spot, south all sorts of flowers mountain scenic spot, the north of large garden of the west of Wangjing of Lingshan of highest peak of Kyoto in the west under Cuan in the near ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties; The position between two parties is richly endowed by nature. Open to visitor in the eighties of the 20th century.
There is Longmen ravine Grand Canyon, spirit s grain, three scenic spots of unsettled temple of the west of Beijing now at the scenic spot of ravine of Longmen: Grand Canyon with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, grotesque peak towering, grotto star trickling sluggishly in cloth, green ink; The spirit valley is quiet and solemn and quiet, magical; Beijing the west unsettled temple fresh breeze breezy standing in great numbers by Chinese incense cedar. Belong to the needle karst ground form of karst, the natural scenery travel scenic spot relying mainly on natural scenery of Grand Canyon. China in Northern Hemisphere, belong to half arid monsoon climate, the corrosion speed of the rock becomes very slow, the ice in the rock stratum splits function and is greater than corrosion function, has formed the distinctive karst needle karst, because of in, lead border along the intersection of river and the intersection of city and major rupture, undergo orogenic movement around 150 million ago, rivers lay, cut constantly, corrode soft rock, form the intersection of Longmen and the intersection of ravine and the pieces of the intersection of branches and tendrils and climing, the intersection of gully and vertical-horizontal Grand Canyon finally.
Human cultural sight history of scenic spot of ravine of Longmen is remote: Here s a male soul of Chi s brother You s fierce battle; There is trace that Da Yu harnesses the river; Yu Qian safeguards the ancient battle field of the capital of a country; There is wonderful origin of celestial spring of the east; Eight exhortations lower the goblin s story; There are legends with beautiful peak of gold; There is experience that Zhang Xian attains the Way; There is Yin ZhiPing Big disciple in the mound place machine) Superintend and direct the temple built; There is a footprint that a revolutionary heroic martyr advances wave upon wave, fights it out to the bitter end for national liberation even more. Incorporate ancient legend, historical historical facts, religious culture, supernatural spirit s culture into an organic whole.
Longmen ravine scenic spot very dangerous shying wonderful quiet and beautiful efficacious beautiful natural landscape with their, abundant and deep and serious cultural inside information was appraised as the first batch of scenic spots at city level in Beijing 2000, become the new developing going sightseeing, recreation and spending holidays famous scenic spot.
The scenic spot of ravine of Longmen takes up an area of about 20 sq. km.. Join the mistake and fall and arrange the big and small grotto according to different height on both sides of rock wall. Because to lift while being constant ground, from the intersection of valley and the intersection of bottom and near hectometre, rank at the cliff, within sight but beyond reach, praised as China by the scholar The geological museum in the North . Longmen ravine Grand Canyon is that a sex of geology is suitable to sprain the product that moved about, rugged and dangerously steep, of flowing rhythm, high and steep and lofty and steep to lock deeply tall and straight. The total length of gorge is 15 kilometers, several dozen views with characteristics, for instance: Senior general stone, small Sanxia, a gleam of day, dark dragon s pool, goddess peak, Kowloon waterfall,etc., winding, the innumerable twists and turns, are like a Qiu s dragon, crawl among the mountains, form the unique characteristic of ravine of Longmen, it is similar to look the mountain heavy water is replied ,Before being near A new vista .
In middle period of the 20th century, the ravine of Longmen was that the Chinese sons and daughters resisted Japanese invaders, overthrew in Jiang s battle field of an imperial court. In new historical time Three districts resist against Japan in the democratic government old site , trace of the hospital of battlefield of Eighth Route Army , heroic statue group ,Become the educational base of revolutionary tradition. Large quantities of students, the party, member, veteran cadre, old revolution look at with reverence and offer sacrifices at and sweep the ancestral tomb every year.
Senior general stone: Enter about 1 kilometer of gorges, it is a towering huge stone to head on. Because the ice in crustal movement and rock stratum splits function, make the huge stone separate with the body of rock. Like a majestic-looking general, grand Cui Wei.
A gleam of day: Because rivers cut under being constant and the earth s crust lift, both sides rock wall closed up in the air, it becomes area, as the cave. In midsummer, the cool breeze blows on, it is cool that there is no heat.
Black dragon s pool waterfall: The rivers not stopped is corroding the soft rock constantly to surge, like Sri Lankan through the ages. Have not seen it hold, hear its sound first. The sound of the wonderful sounds of nature, cool and sweet air, makes clear air of people s spirit comfortable.
The self-built holiday village of scenic spot, there is a standard 2-3 people room of guest room, amounts to 26 (24-hour hot water, independent bathroom) ; Several ordinary guest room 5 people room, 10 people room, adapt to the living conditions of all kinds of personnel. The restaurant of holiday village is with the wild game of delicacy from mountain, the flavor is roasted, the peasant family meal, as the main fact, can hold nearly 200 people to have dinner at the same time at the same time, the restaurant still allocates the private room in addition several are for visitors to choose. The amusement project of the holiday village is as follows, billiards, table tennis, badminton, amusement of chess and card, Karaoka disc, bonfire party, hill go angling, visit etc. on horse, in addition can arrange more splendid amusement project according to visitors concrete requirement.