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Garden of the fifth production team s rural practical experience of life of lake of Taiwan travels Beijing of China

Garden of the fifth production team s rural practical experience of life of lake of Taiwan travels Beijing of China

Write: Chay [2011-05-23]

Garden of the fifth production team   s rural practical experience of life of lake of Taiwan travels  Beijing of China


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The fifth production team of lake of Taiwan lies in the village of lake of Taiwan of garrison post of lake of Beijing Tong Zhou District TV station, located in due east of Beijing, 20 kilometers from Tian An-men, from Beijing 10 kilometers E.4th Ring Road.
Taiwan the intersection of lake and five the intersection of production team and main function district as follows,
(1) Fruit fruit-Picking area
The lake of Taiwan takes up an area of about 66.667 hectares plucking the garden, rely mainly on the fact that the fruit is plucked, there are vegetables that pluck, go angling, touch the fish and catch many kinds of amusement and leisure functions such as crabs at the same time. The fruit is plucked to take grape as the core, the grapes of nearly 30 varieties are ripe in July September successively. Besides grape, there are fruits such as cherry, plum, peach, pear, date,etc. in the garden in summer, autumn; There are strawberries in winter, one may well say that there are fruits in four seasons, fresh and constant.
It is one of the contents of plucking garden too that the vegetables are plucked, such as sponge gourd, pumpkin, small tomato, hot pepper of July and August, turnip, pakchoi, young soya bean, sweet potato of September,etc., it is all pure nature pollution-free food.
(2) Popular science demonstration area
The lake of Taiwan was established in 2003 popular science demonstration base, collect planting, cultivate, study, training, scientific research, practice, tour, amusing, getting accommodation for the integrative comprehensive ecological base.
The library in the popular science hall in the base, the main function is to the scientific popular knowledge of mass media, consult various popular science materials; Train the room to install the long-range education network, become the interdynamic place holding scientific education, technical training of multimedia in audio-visual education programme; The group banks up the room with earth and is used mainly for the research without Hi-Tech projects such as soil fostering and aseptic experiment,etc.; Set up the popular science wall map, plant sample and operation area in the popular science room, there are computer microscopes and make a video recording to equip, carry on animals and plants observing and various experimental activity.
(3) Food and beverage the intersection of amusement and the intersection of leisure area and the intersection of TV station and the intersection of lake and five production team have 500 over the intersection of square and rice first shop in the garden, set up advanced the intersection of private room and 5, 4 of guest room, chess and card among the one room, between the one KTV, between the one amusement hall inside, two of meeting room. Among them: The advanced private room can hold more than 70 people to have dinner at the same time, it has flavor of peasant family that the dish is enriched; Have the top-grade family property in the guest room, comfortable and easy; There is Japan to produce one automatic mahjong machine, various chesses and cards in the room of chess and card; The apparatus of the KTV is advanced, the acoustics is lifelike, for twenty or thirty people to use at the same time; There are billiards desks, arc ball of sand in the amusement hall; The small meeting room can for more than 10 people to have a meeting to use at the same time. There is one large meeting room available for 40 people s meeting besides.
(4) Characteristic folk custom receive households of sets of the intersection of lake and five production team, have 19 the intersection of special and folk custom receive family, in enjoy pluck, another ideal destination amuse, you. Every peasant household receives self-containedly, standardization is disposed (air conditioner, bathing, Karaoka disc, washing the lavatory bathroom,etc.) ,Can receive visitors throughout the year.