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Urumchi Xinjiang Urumchi of China

Urumchi Xinjiang Urumchi of China

Write: Isra [2011-05-23]

Urumchi  Xinjiang Urumchi of China

Urumchi allow the intersection of main officer of Tibet and Mongol, the beautiful pasture Its meaning. It lies in the grassland area of northern foot of Tian Mountain, borders on the segment highest peak in Shandong on day in the east -Bogg reaches the peak, adjoins the unbroken Tian Mountain forest belt of thousand li in the south, is close to Junggar Basin in the west, the north, it is the city the furthest from ocean in the world.

Before not building up yet in Urumchi, it is a block of beautiful pasture, the Western Regions all protected the office and began to dispatch troops and have garrison troops or peasants open up wasteland and grow food grain here in Han Dynasty, Sui Dai starts to have The city each other Activity.

Garrison and have garrison troops or peasants open up wasteland and grow food grain here in A.D. 702, the Tang Dynasty, build the castle, has become an only way which must be passed in the north of Silk Road gradually. In the early years of Qing Dynasty, the old city destroyed in the flames of war. The 28th year of Qianlong ( 1763 years) ,Build and build the new city in Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty, name guide and melt .

Xinjiang built the province in 1884, guided and turned into the provincial capital. Established the city in 1945, used Urumchi instead to call originally in 1953. Now, Urumchi the intersection of Xinjiang and the intersection of the Uygur nationality and provincial capital of autonomous region, the whole the intersection of district and political/economical, in the center of culture.

Northwestern part and Northeast of Urumchi are boarded by Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Changji, adjacent to Bayinguoleng Mongolian automonous prefecture in the south, the southeast and juncture of Turfan area, 680- 920 meters above the sea level, urban area is 83 sq. km., the whole area in the whole city is 12000 sq.

km.; Have jurisdiction over 7 districts and one county Mountain area, sand district, new urban area in accordance with Barker of day, polish the ditch district, head with a waterstone to collect river district, south mountain mining area, east mountain areas, Urumchi counties) Inhabiting 43 nationalities such as the Han nationality, the Uygur nationality, Kazak, Hui.

The city owned continental climate in Urumchi, the diurnal amplitude is large, the average temperature of the whole year is 5.7 , the annual precipitation is fewer than 300 millimetres, climate is quite dry. The temperature on average is 15 in January, the temperature on average is 24 in July.

Through the diligent construction of the people of all nationalities, Urumchi is the metropolis in the middle part of Asia with modern chemical industry, nationality s traditional industry and modernized trade and business, economic system now. It is the west of China The door in the sky ,More than 50 courses lead to China; In addition, Lianyun Harbour, China is to the opening to traffic of the Dutch deer specially red new Asia-Europe Transcontinental Bridge through Xinjiang, Central Asia, Urumchi becomes again New Silk Road The pivot had, is taking important function.