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The phoenix travels in the agricultural Scien-tech garden of the garden Jining of China

The phoenix travels in the agricultural Scien-tech garden of the garden Jining of China

Write: Szilord [2011-05-23]

The phoenix travels in the agricultural Scien-tech garden of the garden  Jining of China


The agricultural Scien-tech garden of the garden of phoenix of Liaocheng lies in the midsection of road of Liaocheng Hunan, borders on the ancient canal in the east, next to the lake scenic spot around the city in the west, adjoin the astonished river holiday village in the south, border on the road of Hunan in the north, cover an area of 100 hectares. Whole the intersection of phoenix and garden divide into the five gardens.
Amusement and recreation view area. Lie in the north of Scien-tech garden, from the scientific and technological training center in the east, to the amusement park in the west, start from the door of Peking University in the north to set up the beauty spot 17 together for the starting point, namely scientific and technological square, angling area, amusement park, peony garden, bamboo plantation, Mei Yuan, garden with hundreds of flowers, Yulan garden, cherry garden, flowering peach garden, peach garden, apricot garden,etc.. Phoenix s amusement park of the garden is integral, relatively independent, suit the taste of both old and young, very witty. There is water curtain hole that waterfalls of rockeries made here up, there are simulation films, forest explore the city, there are fabulous crazy mice, bimonthly driving, sea rover, slideway in the sky, the rapids are entered bravely, have zoo, target range Demonstration area of scientific and technological development. Will form multiple agricultural science and technology support systems, will carry on scientific and technological service and development, the Hi-Tech level to guarantee scientific and technological project, organize and guide undertaking investment and industry of the new scientific and technological project in the countryside of the agricultural project to plan effectively. Large canopy culture district, assigning to the flowers culture district, vegetable growing district, fruit growing area, carry on, grow seedlings while being factory near future, build up flowers, vegetables, the intersection of demonstration and base and fine nursery stock that melon and fruit plant, beed the base.
Brand-name and high-quality forest fruit view area. The forest fruit appreciative value is a main characteristic of this district. This district fully utilizes topography, Lin Di s density combines the matching of different forest to plant, form different kinds of views between every forest land. Visitors can get production, fun of reaping and receive the moulding of beauty in amusement. View area of the ornamental plant. It start from the intersection of osiery and angling area in the north, the south reach one hundred the intersection of fruit and teahouse, the east give a name wooden garden, to in the west modern to view and admire greenhouse, have the intersection of name and wooden garden, the garden with hundreds of flowers, peony garden,etc. now. The south of Liaocheng urban area of field place of agricultural science and technology of the garden of phoenix of Liaocheng, it borders on the ancient canal in the east, border on in the west and have a chat about the open way, adjoin the astonished river in the south in vain, border on the road of Hunan in the north, the position advantage is richly endowed by nature, the traffic of land route extends in all direction, the human cultural sight is rich and colorful. The garden is divided into demonstration area of scientific and technological development, large canopy culture district of facilities, brand-name and high-quality forest fruit view district, recreation amusement view district, ornamental plant view district,etc. altogether. The garden has already invested more than 40 million yuan, have finished the road, river system, electricity, afforested, amusement beauty spot, resource garden of one kind of qualities, Miao MuFan and bred the construction of infrastructure such as the centre, demonstration base, service site, and set up more than 20 masterpiece orchards and flowers yuan and formed phoenix s basic frame of the garden, have made good going sightseeing on the induced effect of demonstration of result and agricultural science and technology. The phoenix opened to run formally on August 28, 2001 in the agricultural Scien-tech garden of the garden. The garden has already become the demonstration garden of provincial key agricultural science and technology now, Shandong Agricultural University scientific and technological development base, popular science educational base of Shandong, unit of director of magazine office of Shandong scientific and technological information , base of scientific research teaching of Liaocheng university, popular science educational base, Liaocheng calligraphy and painting activity centre, activity centre of Liaocheng folk artist association, activity centre of Liaocheng dancer association of research association of Liaocheng,etc.. It probably takes two hours to visit the whole garden. The name of beauty spot: The meteorological popular science exhibition hall is located in garden phoenix s southern side of dance floor, it is a comprehensive educational base that incorporates observing the field, automatic weather station and meteorological scientific education exhibition hall into an organic whole. Its setting-up makes citizens, peasant find out about weather change in time, the growth of the crops is very favorable; Very to teenagers, more meteorological scientific popular knowledge arrives in understanding and study that can be real, and can operate the computer and make weather forecast. The name of beauty spot: The phoenix rings a phoenix and chirps in the platform: It is a peak in the garden of phoenix s garden, here, can browse the view of the whole garden. Recommend the travelling route: The travelling route of ecological agriculture: Square of Rome -Bamboo plantation -Large canopy of aloe -Osiery angling area -Meteorological popular science exhibition hall - of garden with hundreds of flowers -Peony garden -Masterpiece garden -Apricot garden -Water Yang Lin The route of going sightseeing: Square of Rome -Champion s bridge -Appreciate the scenery in the platform -Phoenix s dance floor -Lover s bridge -Grape long corridor -Zoo -Amusement park The travelling route of agricultural science and technology: Adopt Guangzhou garden -Peach garden -Apricot garden -Vineyard -The poplar plants the resource garden of the quality -Plum garden -Culture area of large canopy of facilities -Biological engineering centre