Panwang Ancient Temple

Panwang Ancient Temple is regarded as the birthplace by Yao people. The way from Liannan County to Woshui Highway has beautiful landscape. Frost is flourishing; mountains are layer upon layer; stream of rivers is falling from layer to layer; high mountains and terraces are range upon range.

Panwang Ancient Temple is located in the juncture of Huangjiachong and Liulianshui. It was built 1.300 years ago. The present Temple is repaired for many times which was surrounded by high mountains. On the mountain, there are layers of Yaozai (Yaopai) which are around Panwang Temple. The Yao people often come to Panwang Temple to worship their ancestors. Besides, each three or five years, they organize large-scale Shuagetang to offer sacrifice to the God.

A one-hundred-old tree with jequirity beans is in front of the temple. Yao people apotheosized the beans as holy; they often bring some home for oblation in order to get rid of evil and keep safe. More surprisingly, leaves of the tree could even foretell the weather. When the green leaves turn dark, it would be rainy the next day. When they turn red days it was would be fine. It turns out to be accurate.