Baojinggong (Treasury Crystal Palace)

Baojinggong is a four-storied cave assembling somewhat the Pyramid. (At present just only open up three stories. The whole route of travel is 1.5 kilometers. There is a group of forged stone implements in the cave which were made 100.000 years ago.
The total area of the cave is over20.000 square kilometers including seven halls. There is 200-meter long stone forest corridor, labyrinthic alleyway, kinds of stalactites, the rivers and lakes in the cave give birth to nearly 100 scenic spots.  The route of travel which tourists can walk in the cave is about 1.5 kilometers. The distance from the top to the bottom is 105 meters and among them there are more than 700 steps. The famous scenic spots are Baogongqinglei, Longwangchuxun (the dragon king’s tour of inspection), Tianchi Flying Falls, Yitongtian, Leifengta Pagoda, Yushuhanlin, and so on. Besides, there is a place of ash landslip which was formed by the sediment of multicolor stone powder in hundreds of millions years ago. And it covers more then 4.000 square kilometers with very rare scope. The most special scenic spot is Nantong (Warm Cave). The warm air in the whole cave goes up to its top which forms a piece of place where the temperature is much higher than other places.