Daxushan Fall Groups

Lianshan Autonomous County of Zhuang in Qingyuan City is always famous for its picturesque scenery. Furthermore, there is another new tourism spot- Daxushan Feipuqun Scenic spot. The natural scene is praised as Guangdong Jiuzaigou by local people.

The two reasons to Daxushan

The First one is Free Oxygen Cafe 

Daxushan Feipuqun Scenic Spot is located in Daxushan of Sanshui Township which is 13 kilometers in the southwest of the county. It is reported by local travel department that several years ago a former climbed up the mountain to dig bamboo shoots and founded the unique and grand fall groups. And then he told the county leader. From then on, the fall groups attracted the local government’s attention. Daxushan not only has abundant fall resource but also has high rate of anion density in the sky. The density of anion around the falls is up to 40.000 to 100.000 per stere.

The other one is to appreciate the Wuguafeipu

Daxushan Feipuquan Scenic Spot has lofty mountains, bushy forest, clear and clean water, weaving topography, groups of falls and very fresh and cool air. The tenet of the scenic spot is in the pursuit of nature. The path for climbing mountain and pavilions for tourists to appreciate falls are in line with the surrounding environment. Besides, the pavilions, made of bark and bamboo, are simple and charming.

Daxushan Scenic spot has natural, simple and elegant atmosphere which creates a natural tourism resort for people. On the way to Daxushan Scenic Spot, there is a place which has gold. So tourists can enjoy the game. If you are lucky, you may find the really gold.