Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring Tourism and Holiday Resort

Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring Tourism and Holiday Resort is lying about 25 kilometers in the northwest of Qingyuan County. Covering an area of 5.5 square kilometers, it consists of dozens of hot springs, large grass skiing hillsides, sport places, countryside sightseeing and a lot of Hotels and villas. It is a large provincial holiday resort which is built after the approval of the government. And the holiday resort is famous for the hot mineral spring culture. There are hot spring natatoriums, lordliness hot spring with the style of Northern European countries, and American hot spring, which is dynamic and exciting. Besides there is the first standard grass skiing hillsides of international competition in the whole country, the second Football Training Center, tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, Ping-Pong court and such gym establishments. Furthermore, in the Jiawan Customs which is full of the breath of countryside, you can whiff, roast, and dance in the open air; in the Qianzhu Rosary, you can enjoy the flowers; and in the heaven of water fowl, you can play irritative games of field operations. The water of Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring does contain sulfur but Strontium with high temperature and a little more wollastonite. The mineral spring is very useful for people to keep fit.

The system of games, cate and shopping adds the happy and busy atmosphere to the festivals and also extends the traveling time. Then, the tourists will have the chance to appreciate the flirtatious hula, fervidly modern dance, dazzling gramary and heartquake acrobatics. Simultaneously, relay games of singing and harvest competition and such funny games will also give you unpredicted surprise. Besides, Qingxin Hot Mineral Spring also prepares over one hundred games for you. Jianianhua has special cate such as barbecue, Lingnan Snacks, village dishes and unique countryside groggery. They will replenish your energy for you to go on enjoying yourself in the midnight.