Yingxi Corridor of Stone Peaks

Known as the largest apexes corridor, it is embraced with thousands of Limestone Mountains that are winded by brooks and dotted with caves and ancient buildings. Among these spots, one would find two jungles, two caves and two relics.

Qian Jun Apex Jungle is located 3 kilometers in the south of Jiulong Town. The stone peaks here are not connected with each other but closely next to each other. All the stone peaks are leaning to the east like a well prepared army dashing towards the enemy. The other one is Gongzhengxishu Apex jungle. There are thousands of various configurations of apices. Each possesses its own position and shape. Among them there are rivulets winding among them which add much more nimbus.

The two caves are “sky- reaching cave” and “Yang Yan Cave”, both of them is famous for their large quantity of unique stalactites. The former is located 2 kilometers in the west of Jiulong Township. It is a grotto with a rivulet running through the mountain. The whole journey is about 200 meters.  And it has two holes on the top, light comes in through this hole to brighten the cave up. Besides, it has a small piece of land covered with flourish plants, like a small original forest. The latter is priced as the top cave in northern Guangdong. It is located 3 kilometers in the north of Yanbei Township. The numerous stalactites in this grotto are glittering and translucent. 
The two relics, one was a defensive castle called “Pengjiaci Temple”. It is located Luoshan which is beside Mingting Township. It was built in the middle of Qing Dynasty along a mountain with magnificent construction. It is a defensive castle which was built by Pengshi clansmen to resist the brigands.  The other one is Small Zhaozhou Bridge. Located 2 kilometers in the north of Mingjing Township, it is a comely bridge spanning over a little river. It is built without any piers. Even though it is not large, this bridge matches the surrounding more elegantly and vividly. 
Besides the above scenic spots, in the corridor, there are Rongqiang SmallGuilin , Longjiaoshan Mountain, Wangchaoshishan Mountain, Mingjing Inverted Image, Diao Xian g Rock, Heshun Rock, Yingkesong Pine, Yongfeng Ancient Temple, and Feima Temple Site and so on.