Chuangchun Three Gorges

Drifting down on a boat from Long chuan Shuijia Dock, one would emerge into the beautiful landscape of Huangchuan Three Georges in Yanshan. 
The first great sight runs into your eyes is Longquan Gorge with cochineal cliffs shaped as the blades of knives, the bare red rocks expose against the wild, dozens of waterfall pour straight from the cliffs down to the river.( much more than dozens of waterfalls in rain days). The landscape is very grand. Usually, you just can see stalactites in the cave. However, you can see them outside here. More importantly, one stalactite actually drops water all the year round. It is just like a horse that is piddling, so Longquan Gorge is also called Maniao Gorge.

Lengjia Gorge is a next place full of crags and odd rocks. It was said that several fairies visited the gorge when they suffered from rain, and then one of them became a stone. Therefore, this gorge is also called Nvzhen Gorge. The last one is Yangtiao Gorge (Sheep Jumping Gorge). It is such a narrow gorge that only a sheep could leap from one side to the other. It is more exaggerated than Hutiao Gorge in Yunnan . You can image how narrow it is. Water turns into dark green with the narrowing river. It is breath-taking for the cliffs on both sides which seem to be shutting up, the stalactites suspending on cliffs are out of reach and very dangerous. There is a natural terrace beside the gorge. Yang Da and Huang Junying, the famous comic actors, visited the scenic spot and performed on the terrace.

Boating along Huangchuan Three Gorges to Shiluo Township which is north of Yangshan County, you can also see Tongguan Gorge and Dali Gorge. And the landscape is very beautiful too.