Lu Hu Park

Lu Hu Park is a great natural wonder with beautiful mountain and limpid water. After climbing to the high point of the park, travelers can see the overall landscape ofGuangzhou . As a garden park, Lu Hu Park has a gorgeous landscape with surrounded beautiful lake and birds’ song and flowers’ fragrance. There is a mingled forest of red pines, Taiwan acacia eucalyptus, and bamboos, which is pretty charming in spring and autumn time. Major scenic spots inside the Lu Hu Park are the Ju Fang Garden with an area of nearly 400,000 square meters, hairpin exhibition house, shaded plants sheds, introduction place of plants, lotus pond, Zhiyi pavilion in mid-mountain, five-storied pavilion on the top of the mountain and Cunyun pavilion. There are also many facilities there, such as the skating rink with authentic ice, Children’s Paradise, Xinghai Park, Baiyun Immortal House, Green Lake Hotel in villa’s style, Luming Restaurant, Qingliangjie Restaurant, yacht department and fishing area and so on. Among these facilities, Xinghai Park was built for commemorating the great musician of proletariat XianXinghai in our country in December 1985, including scenic spots like the memorial museums, huge stone statues, music corridor and ancient tomb. 

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