Night Performance At Zhanyuan Garden

It is the oldest garden existing in Nanjing with the 600-year old history. It can date back to the early Ming Dynasty, when the Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang rewarded this garden to the famous official Xu Da for his great contribution and poor living. Then it didn’t get the name “Zhan Yuan” until Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty made inspection tour to the south. In 1960, Zhan Yuan was repaired after being destroyed during Taipingtianguo period, including the east garden and the west garden with two special stones of Song Dynasty- Xian ren Rock and Yiyun Rock. The main building in the garden is Jingmiao Hall, which divides the whole garden into two parts connected by artificial hills and stream. With the distinguishing feature of stone, ZhanYuan Garden shows to be an unique one.