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The Qinhuai River is a branch of the Yangtze. It used to be an area for wealthy families around the Confucius Temple and also became notorious for its night-life until the brothels and etc. were closed down in 1949. There were pubs and hotels for merchants, officials and business people. Along with Purple Mountain, it is Nanjing’s main historical tourist spot, and still attracts crowds at night to see the bright lights along the river, eat at the restaurants, and go to the bars.

The main historical attractions along the river are Confucius Temple, Zhanyuan Garden and Zhonghua Gate. The Zhonghua Gate was a part of a huge wall that was built around the city about 600 years ago at the start of the Ming Dynasty period. The gate was the main south gate into the city. The wall’s circumference was greater than the wall of any other city in China. While floating on the boats of the region, visitors have the opportunity to fully appreciate the beautiful sights of the Qinhuai River.

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The outer Qinhuai River of Nanjing was selected as National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot by the Ministry of Water Resources of China, last year. 42 water conservancy scenic spots including The outer Qinhuai River of Nanjing and Zhongyun River of Suqian have ...Read More
Ticket Confucius Temple is 15 yuan Traffic Take and visit 2, tourist bus No. 4, bus No. 1, 7, 31, 40, 301 is got off at the station of Confucius Temple, it is long to take bus No. 2, 4, 16, 33, 44, 49 Introduce Qinhuai River Scenic Area of Confucius Temple ...Read More
Construction Kick-off Ceremony for Demo Section of Outer Ming Dynasty City Wall-Qinhuai River Scenic Area was held on Xianhemen Square, Nanjing. Outer Ming Dynasty City Wall-Qinhuai River Scenic Area is 50km long and its planned construction area is 15 square ...Read More

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by Albinka 2011-05-23
Qin Huai River, southwest of the city and extending 110 kilometers long, is a branch of Yangtze River. The river was also known as Huaishui in the ancient times. Legends have it that the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, in order to eliminate an atmosphere that was presumably conducive to incubating rebels, ordered to have a square hill tunneled and a long ...
by Joelliane 2011-05-20
On the night of May 2nd, some university presidents attending the 4th Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum cruised along the Qinhuai River. The magnificent nightscape, poetic and picturesque history of Qinhuai and mysterious Ming Dynasty City Wall all impressed the guests deeply. The university presidents got onto painted pleasure boats at Dongshuigua...
by Eris 2011-05-23
Qinhuai River Bazaar The Qinhuai River, a branch of the mighty Yangtze River has nursed the rich civilization of the region. The inner river of the river once was the famous red-light districts throughout the nation in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Painted boats with red lanterns once shuttled to and from, heavily made-up, gifted almes all became historical ...