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Tian Shicun Met Chuzhou Mayor JiangShan

Tian Shicun Met Chuzhou Mayor JiangShan

Write: Xanthus [2011-05-20]

On July 21, Mr. Tian Shicun, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, and Mr. Huang Qun, Deputy General Manager and a member of the Party Leadership Group, met a delegation headed by Mr. Jiang Shan, Mayor of Chuzhou City, at the headquarters of CLYPG. Positive communications were conducted between two parties on expediting the implementation of the wind power project in Chuzhou.

Tian Shicun Met Chuzhou Mayor JiangShan

At the beginning, Tian Shicun expressed his enthusiasm for the delegation headed by Jiang Shan and the thankfulness to the local government in Chuzhou for their strong supports to Laian Project in Anhui Province while making an introduction to the development of CLYPG in the sector of new energy. He noted that in recent years, China Longyuan Power had realized its rapid development, cultivated a team, and accumulated profound deposits thanks to China s policy guidance on making great efforts to develop new energy and strong supports from local governments.

At present, China Longyuan Power is making full of its technical advantages in the field of wind power development to actively develop inland wind power projects while expediting the construction of six major wind power bases. The Laian Project is a significant step of China Longyuan Power to develop inland wind power.

The project is developing smoothly thanks to strong supports from local governments. China Longyuan Power would make greater efforts to develop wind power in Chuzhou and make more contributions to the construction of new energy in Chuzhou.

Jiang Shan expressed that he gasped with admiration at such outstanding achievements that China Longyuan Power had made in the sector of new energy in recent years. He expressed the thankfulness to China Longyuan Power, which as a national enterprise takes the lead to develop wind power in Chuzhou and has made clear the direction for new energy development in Chuzhou.

The decision on Laian Project is made decisively and the project construction is carried out rapidly, thus having obtained substantial confirmation from both CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Anhui Provincial Government. Chuzhou will expedite the verification of its wind energy resources that are developable and make further efforts in the development of wind power.

He hoped that China Longyuan Power could expedite its steps to develop new energy in Chuzhou.

Personnel in charge from the headquarters of CLYPG and the Anhui Company were present at the meeting. (Chen Shaojiang)