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2009 CNTAC Product Development Contribution Award Winners Unveiled

2009 CNTAC Product Development Contribution Award Winners Unveiled

Write: Kaimi [2011-05-20]

The annul China National Textile & Apparel Council Product Development Contribution Award

winners were unveiled on Dec. 11th 2009. The theme for this year is "explore new business

model and improve the right of speak on fashion". 2009 Product Development Contribution

Award focused in the commercializing of technology, system innovation, optimizing of

product structure and R&D. The current economic situation stressed the importance of

this award. Some outstanding enterprises triumphed over their competitors and stood

on the winner's stage. While a batch of typical innovative business models would also

bring a fortune for this industry.

2009 CNTAC Product Development Contribution Award Winners Unveiled

More than 100 enterprises applied for the award this year, covering the
entire textile supply chain, including: dyestuff and auxiliaries, fiber, yarn, fabrics, garment, home textile and technical textile, not only the manufacturers, but also service agency, speciality markets, industrial clusters, and authorities.

Here below is the winner list:
2009 CNTAC Product Development Contribution Award Winner List
Company name
1 Lutai Textile Co., Ltd.
2 Texhong Textile Group
3 Shandong Haolong Group
4 Xingmax Textile Group
5 Shandong Daiyin Textile Group
6 Dongguan Kefang Textile
7 Shandong Ruyi Wool Textile
8 Jiangsu Regel Science & Technology
9 Hunan Dongting Ramie Textile
10 Heilongjiang Yuanbao Textile
11 Jiangsu Xinmin Textile
12 Zhejiang Cathaya Intl
13 Yantai Spandex
14 Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber
15 Fine Yarn Corporation
16 Qingdao Phoenix Dyeing & Printing
17 Fujian Zhonghe
18 Wujiang Deyi Fabrics
19 Fujian Federation Sanhe Textile
20 Saint Year Holding
21 Wuxi Natural Textile
22 Jiangsu Dongdu Textile
23 Hunan Mendale Home Textile
24 Jiangsu Tevel Home Textile
25 Changzhou Hongfa Zongheng Advanced Material
26 Weihai Hongxiang Auto Interiors
27 Fujian Xinhua Co. Ltd.
28 Youngor Group
29 Fujian Seven Brand Group
30 Heilan Group
31 Shandong Yeliya Garment
32 Dalang Wool Textile R&D Center