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Butterfly Spring Park

Butterfly Spring Park

Write: Shakira [2011-05-31]

Butterfly Spring Park is located in the best traveling place of Moon Hill Scenic Area in Yangshuo, occupying an area of 36,000 square meters (8.9 acres). It is named after a butterfly-like stalactite found in a grotto of this beautiful park. As a locale which brings together both a unique landscape and a rural setting, it is a typical representative of ecotourism sites in Yangshuo.

At the entrance to the Butterfly Spring Park there is a huge Monarch Butterfly model mounted on a cliff beside the gate. The model has an area over 280 square meters (0.07 acres). It looks so vivid that people may think the butterfly is waving its wings to welcome visitors. He Jingzhi, a famous poet in China, visited here and was so astonished by the huge butterfly model that he wrote an inscription titled the No.1 Butterfly under the Heaven to praise it.

In the park's 400-meter-long Butterfly Grotto, spring water oozes from the sandy layer in the rock every day and forms a pool. This is the Butterfly Spring. The grotto holds many stalactites with varieties of shapes, such as fruits, mountains, divinities and the moon. Amongst them, there are some which look like butterflies and are absolutely lifelike.

Except for the spring and the grotto, Die Yuan (a garden for viewing butterflies) is also a well-marked sight in the park. It is the largest area for viewing the living butterflies in China with millions of butterflies living here and getting along with people harmoniously. Visitors can see the colorful butterflies flying leisurely among the bushes. In the Butterfly Exhibition Hall of the park, there are over ten thousand models of about 300 butterfly varieties with unique styles on display. Visitors can also see some valuable butterflies here, such as the nymphalid and papilio. The papilio is the most beautiful one and is commonly called the queen of butterflies.

In the Butterfly Spring Park, there are many other points of interest, such as the Waterfalls on Butterfly Hill, the Butterfly Bridge, the Honeybee Garden and the unique Original Hanging Bridge of Yangshuo. In the Honeybee Garden, visitors can taste wild honey for free.

Additionally, the peculiar Karst landscape offers an ideal place for rock climbing and includes a professional rock climbing line as long as 25 meters (27.3 yards). Visitors can enjoy this breathtaking and exciting activity after appreciating the beauty of the butterflies and the spring.