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The fleamarket of Panjiayuan travels Beijing of China

The fleamarket of Panjiayuan travels Beijing of China

Write: Gawain [2011-05-23]

The fleamarket of Panjiayuan travels  Beijing of China




Panjiayuan lies in Beijing E. third Ring Road South, take No. 300 and get off at Panjiayuan station, or from Beijing railway station ( Stand in the east) Take bus No. 63, can take the air-conditioned passenger train No. 802 along the line of Chang an Avenue.


The fleamarket of Beijing Panjiayuan lies in the southeast corner of Beijing 3rd Ring Road, it is the largest fleamarket of China, open for 4 days from every Thursday to Sunday, deal in calligraphy and painting of various historical relics, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, porcelain and wooden furniture furniture,etc., have 3,000 more than stand in all, China 24 provinces and cities someone set up a stall, deal in hereby, there are a lot of ethnic minorities through the product of this nationality here, so the goods dealing in can be said to be multifarious besides food, also someone says that fights the thing hall in its one picture, here is the cheapest fleamarket of Beijing, attracting large quantities of Chinese and foreign visitors.
The operator of the market comes from 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet, involve a dozen nationalities such as Chinese, Hui, Manchus, Miao, Dong, linking, covering with, hiding, North Korea, main articles of the market management have furniture in the style of the ancients, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, calligraphy and painting of ancient book, old books and periodicals, the intersection of agate and the intersection of jade and green, pottery, Chinese and foreign coin, the intersection of bamboo and wooden ivory carving, the intersection of figure for shadow-play and type of facial make up, the intersection of Buddhism and keepsake, ethnic dress, dress, the Culture Revolution relic and article for daily use,etc..
The fleamarket of Panjiayuan buys, appreciates antique secondhand goods, the perfect destinations of the handicraft, collection, ornament. Because the geographical position of the market is superior, the traffic is swift and convenient, the folk characteristic is strong, trade way is flexible, well received by the masses of Chinese and foreign guests. The market is called by the news media The largest fleamarket of China , most complete market of collection of China s largest category , largest folk arts and crafts distributing centre of China ,Strolling around the fleamarket of Panjiayuan has already become one of the beauty spots where guests travel to Beijing outside numerous China.
All colleagues of the market, in order to carry forward national traditional culture, will prosper the cultural products market, promote international non-governmental exchange to be the own duty, is strengthening the construction of facilities constantly, improve the function of the market, standardize market management, turn it into one and collect doing shopping, travel, appreciation, recreation, amusing, serving as the integrative non-governmental cultural exchanges base progressively. The market invites the knowledgeable people, guests and the collector outside China of various circles of society sincerely you re welcome Panjiayuan .
Built up the large canopy of handicraft coming into operation at the end of October of 2001. Every the end have a lot of speciality or expert of calligraphy and painting of business in the intersection of direct marketing and own the intersection of calligraphy and painting and work this, so the price is cheaper than other places, a lot of galleries of Beijing are purchased from here.