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Travel in the south knight s holiday village of Beijing Beijing of China

Travel in the south knight s holiday village of Beijing Beijing of China

Write: Aiyana [2011-05-23]

Travel in the south knight   s holiday village of Beijing  Beijing of China


Longtanhu park goes to knight s centre by No. 943


The south knight s holiday village of Beijing lies in the scene of Daxing District on unique Yongding riverside, easily accessible, set out from Guang anmen, drive to arrive in 20 minutes at a high speed along Beijing-Kaifeng. Knight to it collects the guest room, food and beverage, healthy and blissful to be the integrative full-length comprehensive travel resort in holiday village, had a history of ten years already. The largest jockey club corporation, Ltd. in the capital is the greatest characteristic of hotels.
The building incorporates the strong points of style of the west of U.S.A. in the central garden, stay into it, the rural small town that seems to come until gold rush of the beginning of the 19th century. The winding path leads to a secluded quiet place in the villa district, moving one s steps changes the scene, the low wood of major is in picturesque disorder, firmly get the garden annals three flavor of the South. Of log cabin set off when being round and round and getting green daytime, duck chirp goose shout, reverberate in blue sky, a deep and vast lake water is warm and quiet; In evasive neon light every night, hoarse a burst of horses, the sheng xiao of song and dance, romantic and carefree. Can pick melons and pluck peaches between spring and summer, experience the fun of peasant family; Can put horses on the riverside when autumn and winter, watch the magnificence of fatherless smoke, long river setting sun in the desert, it is bold to experience it all over the view of coming out to border area. Knight s indoor ornaments in the holiday village are all imported by U.S.A., the style is rough, unique, roam leisurely, shoot several photos, it is sure to leave unforgettable memory. Knight holiday village there are 50 Western-style standard guest rooms Among them 7 are the advanced standard room 9) ,There are 9 American villa rusticas besides, three meeting rooms, the meeting group which receives 150 people is more than sufficient, and can offer services such as the recording, projection, fax,etc.. The Chinese Restaurant can offer activities such as large-scale banquet roasting, cocktail party, buffet dinner, buffet,etc.. The soft bar of light is good place that you have a heart-heart talk, savour ambience. There are bowling, billiards, table tennis, outdoor light court, indoor heated swimming pool, all kinds of KTV parlor, sauna room, dancing hall, room of chess and card here ..The amusement project is complete, well equipped, let you fully release the depression of the cement jungle in the city. It reaches large-scale equestrian course of 1.4 kilometers taking up an area of 73.333 hectares, annular runway in knight s holiday village, offer well-trained Tian Mountain Iraq to plow horses for you to gallop. The sports of burning gracefully, bold and unrestrained, old and fashion, can take exercise, increase courage and strength, can make you exclaim with the fun that is exchanged naturally even more!