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Southeast Asian conditions and customs village travels Sanya of China

Southeast Asian conditions and customs village travels Sanya of China

Write: Adney [2011-05-23]

Southeast Asian conditions and customs village travels  Sanya of China


Southeast Asian conditions and customs village lies in the prosperous hot spring of Wanning of the travel of Hainan in the district for holidays, located in the Thai red coconut palm and forest produced alone in Hainan of 20 hectares, the prosperity is the Southeast Asian returned overseas Chinese s former residence, from 1951, the returned overseas Chinese who successively there were 18 countries and regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,etc. came here to settle, and set up overseas Chinese s farm. They have brought local conditions and customs and life custom of various countries of Southeast Asia.
Supported by tropical natural scenery of the travel of Hainan, regard southeast subculture conditions and customs as inside information, the Southeast Asian conditions and customs village is centralized and showing nature and human cultural sight in Southeast Asia stressing Here, you can see model exquisiteness, various types of Southeast Asian buildings of the novel in style; The new, old actor whose body wears clothes of Southeast Asian will present a rich and colorful Southeast Asian song and dance for you; The cultural long corridor of Southeast Asian food shows the Southeast Asian food culture which has a special flavor, the Southeast Asian wind food various in style, with delicious fragrance, will make you have a very good appetite; Gold aloe serial products enjoying great prestige in China and foreign countries show the gold aloe culture full of life vigor; In full of thrill and amazing snake skill mountain villa and snake king s halling, peculiar culture of snake and excellent snake skill, will let your outlook opened, will thump the table and shout bravo! ; Go to seek Indonesia or Thai beauty to do Bride ,Have a taste of some wedding conditions and customs in Southeast Asia, will make you intoxicated possibly; Come to taste coffee of a cup of coconut milk under the seat, visit and set off in red coconut palm and forest there is not a cottage of China in that, realize and flow and overflow in that folk simple folk custom local trait of the village, you will grow and seek simplicity, melt in natural reading spontaneously.
The garden door of the Southeast Asian conditions and customs village, it is the building of a typical Thai style, its scale and artistic value, it is rare to travel in Hainan. The auspicious lucky light of sum glimmers in the whole body of the gate. Spirit sphinx and spirit of defending the doctrine like sculpture on and the post of the sculpture in the triangular district of top of front of the gate, like the intersection of China and top Wei in the mythical legend, post bend over goblin lower evil spirit, lower and avoid evil spirits luckily. One the model of the calabash falls in the most upper angle of triangular district, choose its partials: reach the emolument of good fortune ,Mean the emolument of good fortune and come herein. Pattern model on two pairs of hypotenuse of three jiao ask The board dragon . The pattern of the middle part of outer post is Tyronn, the pattern of upper and lower departments is the peacock tail out of shape. The pattern of the triangular district of upper both sides of the gate lets the supernatural fish be satisfactory, it is the freestyle player with wing. It is said and say will there is a earthquake when blinking in the supernatural fish. Two artistic sculptures in both sides are safe Chinese unicorns in front of the door, benefit the evil auspicious beast of town in the mythical legend.