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Overseas Chinese s museum travels Xiamen of China

Overseas Chinese s museum travels Xiamen of China

Write: Carsten [2011-05-23]

Overseas Chinese   s museum travels  Xiamen of China

Open hour

9: 30- 16: 30


10 yuan


1,2,15,18,21,No. 45


The museum of overseas Chinese in Xiamen is the comprehensive museum taking overseas Chinese s history as the theme. It is the only overseas Chinese affairs office museum of China. Lying in the side of Shanxi of peak nest of Xiamen of Fujian Province, the advocacy did in September of 1956 by late patriotic overseas Chinese s leader Chen Jiageng. Built up at the end of 1958, opened formally in May of 1959. This institute covers an area of 50,000 square meters. The floor area of main building is more than 4000 square meters, it is a palatial building built of high-quality pure white granite. Bronze, pottery, carve and more than 5000 pieces of collection of calligraphy and painting that the museum has successive dynasties; More than 5000 material object, picture, materials about overseas Chinese s history, nearly 3000 beasts, birds, aquatic products, rock and mineral sample; Also collect more than 2000 historical relic, picture with countries such as bronze, pottery, Japanese calligraphy and painting, handicraft and Southeast Asia of various countries of Japan, America and Europe,etc..
The display of this institute is divided into 3 exhibition halls with an area of 2600 square meters. overseas Chinese s historical brief introduction of hall Have exhibited the production and development overview of the overseas Chinese through over thousands of exhibits; Miserable experience of overseas Chinese before liberation; Friendship of the people of overseas Chinese and country of residence; Overseas Chinese s contribution to the motherland; Past and present of overseas Chinese s society; Retrospect of the affairs concerning nationals living abroad policy. This hall has displayed to the overseas Chinese, more than 200 such as the article for daily use, ornament, religious works of art, classical musical instruments and handicrafts of custom characteristic of every country of residence of richness which returned overseas Chinese give. history relic hall in the motherland 2000 nearly exhibits piece,historical relic and work of art on it have it is unearthed handed down from ancient times in successive dynasties, the majority was being collected all over China before death by Chen Jiageng. Divide into bronze, pottery, calligraphy and painting and carve 4 parts in exhibition content. Natural History Museum Display nearly 2000 samples such as various beasts, birds, aquatic products. In that the overseas Chinese sends the beasts of Nan Yang and other places that presents, birds sample, such as the Australian sunflower parrot, hornbill, Thai tapir, Indonesian paradise bird, slender loris, orangutan, Singaporean tiger, Malaysian big crocodile (as long as 4 meters) Wait for the sample. This institute returns and holds unearthed mummy exhibition of Xinjiang with relevant units, thematic exhibitions such as national folk custom historical relic exhibition of the Inner Mongol , exhibition of tri-coloured glazed pottery of Luoyang , China s ancient agriculture s scientific and technical achievement exhibition ,etc..