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The Wan s building review travels Xiamen of China

The Wan s building review travels Xiamen of China

Write: Ehno [2011-05-23]

The Wan    s    building review travels  Xiamen of China


It is free to go to the island. Sunlight rock, garden of bean village, carving characters in the hall, 80 yuan of organ hall coupon ticket. Construct 60 yuan in the sea paradise.


Take the ship ferry at Xiamen ferry quay, one-way charge is 6 yuan. The first flight 05 of Xiamen station: 45,The first flight 05 of Gulang Island station: 30, 06: 00. 07: 00 19: 00,Run every ten minutes. 21: 00-00: 20,Invite it at the interval of 20 minutes.


The Eight Diagrams floor ( Xiamen museum) Build to the 33rd year of Guangxu clear 1907) ,With the whole construction area of 3710 square meters, there are 8 crest lines, locate in the platform of the octagon, it if you can t carry by 24 by window, present from all directions to,so not call by the the Eight Diagrams floor ,It is the Xiamen representatives of modern buildings.
The Eight Diagrams floor original owner the intersection of Taiwan and the intersection of board and the intersection of bridge and the intersection of forest and the intersection of house and three room the intersection of forest and the intersection of crane and longevity, rescue the intersection of director and the intersection of Dutch American and strongly fragrant John to design generation by former Gulang Island. Strongly fragrant to draw lessons from Barus taking on, Greece, Italy and some classical architectural styles of China, design this unique building in the style of the ancients combining culture of building between east and west together.
Calotte to imitate the intersection of world and most old Islamic the intersection of building and the intersection of Palestinian and the intersection of A and grams of the intersection of stone and the intersection of room and calotte of mosque Sa directly; 82 large cylinders consult the ancient sea of Greece that was built in the 5th century and draw the goddess big stone pillar of the temple; The intersection of stone and roof beam and lines of Pinto under column, can see from hertzs of husband of square, Athens of Greece, in accordance with the temple of Sri Lankan; The cross passway comes from Greece, and then used in the Roman Catholic Church; Under ancient pottery of Greece set up grams of type and the intersection of love and Onek ornamental column cap and layer blue and green to fight the stone vase, the ones that fully showed the midwest combined are classical and beautiful. Building art of floor of the Eight Diagrams is exquisite, becomes the landmark building of Xiamen, it is Xiamen museum now.
In the the intersection of house and garden Huang floor Shake the rock road No. 25) Building up the north and south of the Huang s garden after the floor in 1921, Huang Yi lived in resolution to build one to exceed the advanced villa of all villas in Gulang Island. He removes China and Germany write The old red brick floor, employ Chinese and foreign engineers to design meticulously. The floor of China pays attention to Continental Europe style, carefully-selected in material, precise shelf, bronze ornamental engraving fireplace, famous craftsman s thin corridor column that chisels conversant with ancient learning carved in the floor of China, reveal everywhere what the midwest combined is classical and beautiful, have West European building elegance in Renaissance, it is magnificent and ornamental that there is German noble s family, and had a lot of traditional ornamental skill in China concurrently, it is a villa relying mainly on European style which midwests combines.
In sea paradise constructed floor Road No. 42 of Fujian) Jinjiang travel the intersection of Philippine and overseas Chinese good yellow beautiful fire have, NianYi Huang Luis build a group of 5 European villas in Fujian on will it be the twenties the 20th century and fellow villager. The arch over a gate of main entrance of group of buildings is submitted a written statement to Construct in the sea paradise Four words. These 5 villas adopt the traditional symmetrical pattern of Chinese building, rely mainly on hitting the floor, launch to both sides, the centre builds a square, form a group of large-scale buildings.
The floor of China is that one is modelled after an antique in the large roof palatial architecture, adopts the hiproof of layers of eaves, four corners are tilted high, hang cement openwork and hang and leave flying to cover on the lintel on the door, window, corridor, drawing room, eaves corner adorn, twine pieces of flowers or absorb water flood dragon choose roof beam sparrow in order to mould the dragons and phoenixes gadget. Especially two ornamental sunk panels, paint the Chinese flower-and-bird painting on the borehole wall under the roof, the appearance, quite as the pavilion, very outstanding. Hang, fall along ornamental sets of brackets on top of the columns outside the corridor, basket of flowers hang down column, decorate nationalization very much hitting floor. Look far into the distance, there is imposing manner in this building, free from philistinism calmly and steadily again.
Yellow the intersection of honour and far hall villa Road No. 32 of Fujian) Built in 1920, it was the chateau relying mainly on Continental Europe style. The entire body of whole villa has a lot of corridor columns, chisel with granite of whole, a group of ancient Rome s graceful bearing. Build the luxuriant forest of bamboos in the courtyard, quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet. This villa is Western and combining harmoniously in China, classical, modern style, it is the masterpieces in Gulang Island villa.
Huifeng residence( New road No. 57 to the drum) In 1876, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation selected site in breaking the precipice of the mountain of the brush support, builds the English villa that covers an area of 400 square meters. The base one throws into the rock, unusually firm. The structure of the residence takes the form of T, three cloisters, multilateral obtuse angle, the host can enjoy the distant mountain seascape in the wide angle when pushing the window, at nightfall to act as the lights on fishing boats Have a panoramic view. Stroll in the cloister, the drum scenery of tall building crowds into and holds in the arms. Stand in the precipice carries the railing, take a broad view of and look around, the wind great waves of day, goshawk s gull s egret goes straight in unison, there is spirit of showing disdain for Haitian!
Eight watchtower( Road No. 15 to the deer reef) Eight watchtowers are in Lin s office, built in 1915, belonged to the French building, there is a style of southern Europe, Palestine holds one gram of sophisticated appeals in place with a net. Taiwan cultivates Lin WeiYuan who comforts the minister, Gulang Island with crossing horboring in the whole family. He buys a British villa first, weighs building ,And then reconstruct one The small floor (catch fire while being back, little floor burn) . In 1915, the forest bean village built a villa among all kinds of building, called eight watchtowers ,And set up the vestibule and connect three building, generally called penetrating it is good. The floor is adopted pieces of nanmu widely, furniture is mostly acid branch, padauk, keep intact so far.
Also ample mountain villa Pen mountain path No. 9) Built in the twenties of the 20th century, in order to make Chinese to build with the Vietnamese overseas Chinese of Ann s book. This is stressed by an individual character in, the European building with strong artistry, it has largest and most beautiful arch over a gate and stone steps of Gulang Island, the appearance is grand and tall and straight. Pair is joined window set, smooth and beautiful, rather beautiful. It has a European garden, there are octagonal pavilions in the height, the meander communicates, it is the place where host s recreation appreciates the scenery.
U.S.A. consulate Three bright roads No. 26) Built in 1930, it was Roman red brick building of two storeys, there are basement and rooftop intermediate layer, physique is beautiful. Consulate regards red-and-white two colors as the fundamental key, the gable is decorated with 5 great trigonometries, terse and lucid and lively, an adhoc one appreciates the scenery in the balcony. Under the balcony is the intermediate layer, very practical. The large Roman cylinder column cap of consulate uses the column type of Corinth ornamentally, mould it with the exaggerative lily blade. The blade is fine and long and neat, hold up the whole building, seem very esthetic.
Lin Yutang former residence ( Road No. 44 of Zhang state) Lin Yutang former residence is its wife Liao CuiFeng s home, it is one of the oldest architecture Gulang Island too. It is the two storeyed villa originally, because is long neglected and in disrepair, has already collapsed on one storey of Yi. Hall where Lin Yutang gets married, bridal chamber are still here.
Catholic church ( Road No. 34 to the deer reef) Built in 1917, it was the Gothic building, it features sight was pointed in one s powered, join, the fretwork of the door, window, tower and parapet is ornamental and sharp in shape. The blue network structure of pearl in order to applause of indoor variola, the cotton-padded mattress in great numbers is magnificent, this is an only Gothic church in Xiamen.