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Zoomlion Mobile Crane enters the World's Top 10

Zoomlion Mobile Crane enters the World's Top 10

Write: Forster [2011-05-20]

Author: Source: 2008-12-30

A few days ago, the 2007 world's top ten mobile crane was latest released by Chinese Mechanical Engineering magazine. Zoomlion ranks seventh on the list, which came after it s world's first for concrete machinery. This is the company listing on the world's top industry for the second time in 2008. Another well-known Chinese enterprise Xuzhou Heavy Machinery ranks fourth on the list.
It is said that Chinese Mechanical Engineering Magazine carries out the selection for the world's top 10 mobile cranes every year by the ranking of mobile crane business sales (including truck crane, all-terrain truck crane, crawler cranes, lorry crane, and so on); at the same time, the company's operating profit, the number of employees, and other indicators are taken as references.
In 2007, the rapid expansion of the global mobile crane industry has intensified the competition, whereas it did not shake the market. 10 mobile crane manufacturers: Manitowoc Crane Group, Liebherr, Terex-Demag, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery, Tadano, Kobelco, Zoomlion, Link-Belt Construction Machinery Corporation, Kato Works and Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane, still holds the world's top 10.
It can not be ignored that the scale and competitiveness of Chinese crane manufacturers make progress by leaps and bounds, rising status in the global crane industry and increasing the right to speak. In the current top 10 list, Chinese enterprises increased rapidly, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery jumped to fourth place; Zoomlion rose from eighth last year to seventh.
"Made in China" in the world's top construction machinery frequently shows up, to a large extent it benefited from the sustained and rapid economic growth of China. Take mobile cranes for example, Zoomlion ranks among the world's top 10, and it s major markets are still in domestic; however, with the rapid development, Zoomlion will takes the ideas of "professional, demutualization and internationalization" to speed up the globalization process, actively develop overseas markets, and expand overseas markets.
Zoomlion Mobile Crane enters the World's Top 10

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