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The central television tower travels Beijing of China

The central television tower travels Beijing of China

Write: Kshama [2011-05-23]

The central television tower travels  Beijing of China

Open hour

8:30-22:00,Stop selling the time of ticket: 21:30.


50 yuan.


The central broadcasting television tower is located in the west of Haidian District Xisanhuan Middle Road of Beijing, near the spaceflight bridge, in the west of Yuyuantan Park. The address is Haidian District No. 11 Xisanhuan Middle Road of Beijing. Public transit 323, special 8, 624, 809, 811, 40, 64, 102, 103, 201, 108, 374, 394, 944, 836, the south of 631 spaceflight bridges or taking the subway Gongzhufen to get off in the north and walk on a lake.


The central broadcasting television tower was established in January of 1987, opened formally on October 1, 1994. Border on beautiful Yuyuan Pond and famous fishing platform in the east, the central broadcasting television tower is 386.5 meters high, it is a multi-functional and modernized landmark building.
Central square by the landing stage of television tower, retreating in the platform and surrounding the corridor, base of the tower, tower flat, body of the tower, tower building and mast to make up. The tower is fancy, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest type formal tower flat of layers of eaves. Rise to 210 place from ground, tube the intersection of foot-path and radius choose 10 meters outwards, form a palace lantern -shaped tower building. In order to improve the whole stability and ruggedized of the tower, what the central television tower is adopted is that concrete pour the law wholly, can reach the requirement for resisting nine magnitude of earthquake. The night scene illumination of the central broadcasting television tower is a special skill too. In the evening, look up in the central television tower, hang in the sky a large lantern.
One, two storeys of central broadcasting television towers step on tower entrances and exits, coffee shop, VIP lounge and ring corridor for the east hall. The ring corridor can hold the exhibition. There is the Chinese largest indoor colored granite stone carving mural painting mountains and rivers cloud tree in the east hall on the first floor. It is long and 20 meters 8.7 meters wide with an area of 171.4 square meters. Until the travel notes, guest of Xia, Xu create, describe the China most characteristic famous mountains and great rivers. With an area of 400 square meters, there are high tower photo exhibition and central authorities of countries all over the world that broadcast the exhibition of films and televisions in two storeys of rings corridor of 11.8 meters. Have introduced various knowledge about the central television tower here. The ring corridor holds rich and colorful show exchange activity such as scientific knowledge, culture and arts throughout the year.