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Travel in seven treasure ancient towns Shanghai of China

Travel in seven treasure ancient towns Shanghai of China

Write: Marvelle [2011-05-23]
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Travel in seven treasure ancient towns  Shanghai of China


The public transit 739, 803, 513, 87, 91, 92, shen s north special line, Line 9 of the rail transportation,etc. can arrive, or taking Travelling Line one, Line ten of the travel can all arrive.


Seven treasure towns Because the temple gains the name . The historical data is called: There is no old name in the town, the reason temple gains the name, the temple is not so heavy as his, because have an high regard for the town. Until pieces of pool give up residence, open up temple, Song auspicious to agree with the first year of an era (A.D. 1008) in being large The emperor grants volume Seven treasure teaches the temple ,Therefore seven treasure towns gain the name formally. At that time Seven treasure teaches the temple Have the instant such as the east such as prefecture Claim,take up an area of it 4 hectares,temple river 0.4 hectares, encircle whole temple waters green, wall coloured glaze tiles red, bell in the morning and drum in the evening, the cigarette burns and winds, the scenery is very graceful. Attract neighbourhood li of persons, get seven treasure teach temple enter fragrant, the intersection of pilgrim and believer, the refined scholar of the scholar burns incense and prays here, recite a poem and draw a picture, teach the luxuriant burning incense in the temple for seven treasure, people come and go, have formed the very popular situation. And the intersection of market town and the intersection of shape and mode teach temple periphery to take shape in seven treasure, the intersection of treasure and town develop into certain scale already bright the seventh day such as the ends, at that time seven the intersection of treasure and town resident in great numbers and multitudinous, merchant s Pian collection, gentle Confucianism came forth in large number, built the huge town of the city. Pu remits to the area of two sides of pool, because seven treasure teaches the temple And gain the name Seven treasure towns .
Seven treasure ancient towns lay in the southwest suburbs of Shanghai, established in Song, merchants gathered since ancient times, many renowned personalities gather together. An old street in Ming and Qing Dynasties running south and north in the ancient town, only held three people and walked abreast, both sides are bright red to arrange the old retail shop on the door. Flowing water of small bridge, the street lane was the common characteristic in the ancient town of the South in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but can experience the Shanghai s style sophisticated appeal out of the common in seven treasure. What cricket s hall, old trade reproduced is the local conditions and customs of Shanghai in the past; What old hotel, the fragrant floor of it put out is quite representative Shanghai Cuisine; What seven treasure theatres are performed is Shanhai some main local operas; The microscopic carvings hall, what the book writing brush hall displayed are that Chinese folk art is bound with harmony of the culture of Shanghai s style; Zhang ChongRen s Western sculpture art of the memorial museum has annotated tolerance and reason when the spirit of Shanghai s style gets involved in outside culture especially. Four wine, tea house outdated old-fashioned square table for eight people, rectangular stool, long the intersection of mouth and the intersection of copper and pot, square hair bamboo chopstick. Sit in the wine flag in the pothouse floating, is tasting the yeast for making hard liquor of seven treasure, is tasting the meat in wine sauce of seven treasure, dismantling the hoof, cloud cake, wear down several hours leisurely, it is in the rare enjoyment of Shanghai of fast rhythm.
All there are countless relations with the religion to in fact there are many prestigious market towns and cities in China s history, unless for instance the south circle in the air, unless Long Hua, law China,really such as,etc.,all because temple gain the name. According to these respects, the ancient cities and towns of China are developed and complemented each other with the religion to a certain extent, some problem in this respect experts point out: The urban planning is influenced by religion at the initial stage one, two is influenced by economy. The forming of seven treasure towns is the same. In seven treasure towns The reason temple gains the name And then, seven treasure teaches the temple and have an high regard for the town . Mean it is the developing and teaching the temple and exerting a tremendous influence to seven treasure of seven treasure towns here. When seven treasure teach the temple and has not moved, Pu although have no name of the place while gathering together two sides of pool, remain the rich and populous place, merchant s Pian collection, gentle Confucianism comes forth in large number. Economic culture has already developed into certain stage from the Later Han to Song Chu, have laid a solid foundation for the prosperity in period of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Three move location their after Pu gathered together the north bank of the pool as seven the intersection of treasure and temple, seven the intersection of treasure and town name this to establish Pu remit a region name of both sides to the pool. Likewise, seven treasure teach temple receive great popularity because of seven treasure, this multitudinous place in great numbers in towns, there is very great influence in the place of the whole the Wu s.