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Chinese nation cultural village travels Sanya of China

Chinese nation cultural village travels Sanya of China

Write: Bobbie [2011-05-23]
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Chinese nation cultural village travels  Sanya of China


Under taking province vapour big bus to place of 217 kilometers of elm centre line of Wuzhi Mountain sea from Haikou.


Chinese nation cultural village is located in Wuzhi Mountain southern foot to enjoy \\\ Emerald city \\\ Reputation last famous scenic spot Wuzhi Mountain city,for one piece for nationality excursion districts culturals large-scale that be incorporated various nationalities local-style dwelling houses construction, pop conditions and customs, folk art into an organic whole, also the largest national conditions and customs tourist zone at present of China.
Chinese nation cultural village of Hainan takes up an area of more than 600 mu, the building in the village is totally looked for and build according to various nationalities local-style dwelling houses, more than 20 nationalities such as bamboo tower, ship shape room, the stupefied room of wood, a wall of shining, soil palm room, yurt, Chinese courtyard house of room three occupy the community, its scale causes having, shape to force and see according to the proportion of the original view 1 1, all local-style dwelling houseses of furniture, instruments of labour and the surrounding environment, according to their settings of national customs, divine forces that created the universe of conditions and customs, make visitors view and admire a place each time, all have a feeling on in person the real condition. Build and set up more than one hundred views such as drum-tower, shelter bridge, three towers, solar calendar column, the Great Wall in the interval area among various nationalities local-style dwelling houses community, in picturesque disorder, the overall arrangement is ingenious, are integrated in natural mountains and rivers, give somebody the fresh and harmonious feeling everywhere.
Visit Chinese nation cultural village of Hainan, not merely see states such as colorful and lifelike Chinese various nationalities local-style dwelling houses, living, working,etc., can appreciate Chinese nation s rich and colorful culture and arts at the same time.
In the village, come from the singers of various nationalities all over China, folk dances such as dance, rattle stick, peacock dance, eye brain vertical song, a pot of village dances, Erdos dances,etc. of performing and gathering firewood for visitors such as dance star, happy hand, and the ding-dong, skill gong, like national musical instruments such as foot dance, reed-pope wind instrument, plucked stringed instrument, wooden drum, sanxuan, 3-stringed Chinese guitar played with a plectrum,etc. to play. In the coloured flag is brought the gentle field in riotous profusion, educated village staff members, strange and new Water-sprinkling Festival when artist and visitor jointly held, three, Torch Festival,etc. liven up happy folk the intersection of festival and celebration and throw ball made of strips of silk, lift the intersection of officer and people, stop the intersection of door and wine, leave out bag simple and unsophisticated unique folk custom language conditions and customs activity March. The various nationalities culture with abundant, with strong ambience content here, make visitors pleasing everywhere, have not already lingered on. There are comprehensive comprehensive travel service facilities in the cultural village. Visitors can be according to the own easy tasting national food, beverage with various flavor in the restaurant, the intersection of flavor and unique the intersection of mountain and blue wine, the intersection of thick bamboo tube and meal, three tea, salt fish,etc. down, let the intersection of visitor and full gourmet s luck and enjoy endless aftertastes always that. Shopping center, spacious and graceful dancing hall, quiet and comfortable guest room where the national conditions and customs are sheer,etc., offer the thoughtful service of enthusiasm to visitor. Chinese nation cultural village of Hainan makes scene and rich and colorful performances with its exquisite one, let visitors place oneself in the midst of the atmosphere of the Chinese great family of nationalities, have a taste of wide and beautiful national culture, rich and interesting and pleasant national conditions and customs of long standing and well established, the ones that experienced among various nationalities at the same time are harmonic, united, get reputation \\\ Chinese nation s culture Milk Way \\\ .