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Elder brother s Yu mountain travel Yantai of China

Elder brother s Yu mountain travel Yantai of China

Write: Vera [2011-05-23]

Elder brother   s Yu mountain travel  Yantai of China

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7: 00-18: 00


Coupon ticket costs 110 yuan (including safe Bo carry 30 yuan of scenic spot, 30 yuan of scenic spot of Kowloon pool, has not dyed 30 yuan of scenic spot of the temple, the scenic spot of the mist and clouds in the twilight costs 10 yuan, 10 yuan of aunt s hall scenic spot of high mountain)


From Yantai, Weihai and 50 kilometers respectively of Laishan airport, 20 kilometers respectively from Mouping, Wendeng, 120 kilometers from Peng Lai. There are direct regular buses in Yantai long-distance bus station and Mouping long-distance bus station, hour of 1 of drive, ticket price is 20 yuan


The intersection of elder brother and the intersection of Yu and mountain, lie across Yantai, the intersection of Weihai and two places. The highest peak is carried in safe Bo, 923 meters above the sea level is the highest peak in the eastern part in the peninsula. Have an area of one hundred, towering to tower, ten thousand the intersection of drill and it, ridges and peaks continuous, forest deep valley deep and remote, the ancient wood reaches to the sky, have more clear spring cliffside waterfall, spread all over the cultural relics and historic sites. The maritime celestial mountain Peng Lai, Ying state, three celestial mountains of Buddhist abbot in the mythical legend all derive out from here. The intersection of historian and Hong Cui claim elder brother in mountain in Yu in the 16 spring and autumn such as country Northern Wei Dynasty The grandfather on all maritime mountains .
Elder brother supreme mountain within the territory of the Yantai in mountain in Yu, have the celestial grandfather of mountain always Good reputation, fairy maiden rough aunt practise austerities here according to legend, dishes of Cheng FeiSheng. Here is still the whole origin really taught, Wang ZhongYang and its disciple the north seven really teach to preach in this wound. The smog curls up in the mountain, the rays of sunlight are shone upon, there is cave heaven besides, nine waterfalls in Kowloon pool fly and hang, grave link up, Thai Bo carry Yu of department elder brother the intersection of mountain and highest peak, the intersection of eastern Shandong and peak very much, reach the summit of the view, have a guide look of small all mountains, dark green sea optical fundus are accepted, is not like Mount Tai, surpass Mount Tai.
Elder brother is famous mountain of Taoism of the Yu mountain system well-known China. It is the whole origin really taught. According to the records of annals of Ninghai state : Since Sui and Tang dynasties, elder brother the intersection of Yu and mountain Buddhist and Taoist temples stand in great numbers, hole Buddhist nunnery border on, the burning incense curls up, constant in the morning and evening. The immortal of rough aunt in the mythology attains the Way here. Gold is great to fix ( 1167) for seven years All real founder s kings go from Xianyang of Shaanxi to the elder brother on Yu mountain on the Double Ninth Festival, gather (true men of the north seven such as the mound machine,etc.) in vain Sermonize in the hole of mist and clouds in the twilight, has created completely and really taught.
Main beauty spot as follows, elder brother the intersection of Yu and mountain national Forest Park the intersection of AAA grade and the intersection of travel and scenic spot, scientific and technological educational base, teenagers of China, demonstration pilot project of China s agricultural tour. Introduce 5 large the intersection of travel and scenic spot already, open up the intersection of forest and tour, the intersection of forest and fitness, forest bath, the intersection of mineral spring and bath, recover, spend holidays, popular science build study, the intersection of rock-climbing and the intersection of person who explore and project.
Kowloon pool. Along inviting kilometer in the south of Dragon King temple, there is high cliff of cliff of about hectometres, the ladder lists 9 natural stone pools not of uniform size between two parties, the large one is 6 meters of diameter, 3 meters deep, end is put the northeast, several waists are to the south, present the tendency that the huge dragon goes up a hill. It born by ground on,very it is wonderful since it is dangerous. It is said there are nine supernatural dragons in East China Sea in ancient times, because offend against the laws of heaven, is occupied herein by Jade Emperor town, the huge dragon shakes off and ties down, returns to the sea, and this mountain leaves pond of this bank bank nine, thus come the name of Kowloon pool. Water of the pool comes from the mountain stream spring, sweet and clear and cold, so clear that you can see to the bottom, flow all the year perennially, thin in spring to flow trickling sluggishlily, the clear inverted image of going back; The cliffside waterfall goes straight and spatters in summer, the wind surges and hangs flowing, look exactly like a colourful huge dragon, fly and flow to leave 1,000 meters directly, as if spread the pearl and gush out the snow, grand and incomparable; With rippling surface in autumn, the scale is only sparkling; Ice the bamboo shoot to hang upside down in winter, includes the pearl and spit the jade. The head, big of the waterfall is rare in Shandong. Here, can see Dragon King temple, dragon s pool, Dragon King pavilion, ancient papaya, celestial old man stone,etc..
Safe Bo is carried. The intersection of elder brother and the intersection of Yu and highest peak on mountain, 923 meters above the sea level, the mountain peak is towering, impressive-looking and tall and straight, grand and very high, it is lofty and steep and high and high and steep, inclined to touch it. But impressive meaning that it is said safe Bo carries the name and chooses the offshoot of Mount Tai. Ascend the throne to carry, view three vast blue seas in the far distance, the different mountains in the peninsula are towering and green, the elder brother has a panoramic view in Yu beautiful scenery, rhythm on it form each it restrain to raising and Have a guide look of small all mountains High vast imposing manner. Meet cloud and mist, elder brother a sea of clouds grander Yu have, the white cloud in the mountain is lush and strongly fragrant and getting up, the mist-covered waters is turbulent surge ahead ,The towering mountain of cloud, a thousand columns of green peak are suspended above the long white cloud that roll back and forth, as the illusory elfand s hills and jewelled palaces, afford a magnificent spectacle. Considerable the Huanghai Sea, sunrise, the intersection of mountain and the intersection of city,etc. and view.
Hole of the water curtain. A stream of clear spring gushes out from the crack of stone, swarms the towering rock, pour into the puddle along the huge stone. Flow trickling sluggishly and thinly, or gather or scattered, like a stretch of pearl-decorated curtains sometimes, float with the wind, the water curtain is under the circumstances that the sunshine is shone upon, sometimes bright sometimes dark, shine rainbow, play have one puddle, surface of water up to 2000, mountain green water clear, the stone strange pool hangs down, all there is beautiful scenery throughout the year.
Natural oxygen bar. Elder brother is more than mu in the Yu mountain park 70,000, the forest is dense, the vegetation is abundant, the negative oxygen ion content is extremely high, it is a big natural oxygen bar. To improving immunity, treat coronary heart disease, stability spirit,etc. and have special curative effect. In summer, other places of specific humidity of the oxygen bar district are low and about 6 degrees, called natural air conditioner by people . Red pinewood oxygen bar is furnished with stone desk, stone bench, hammock, tent,etc., the best choice of fitness of keeping in good health.
The hole of mist and clouds in the twilight, lie in the north corner of elder brother s Yu Shanxi, by the natural good fortune of a towering rock. The hole room is shown in oval, 7 meters deep, 3 meters high, carve hole of mist and clouds in the twilight on the cave wall Three big characters. Enshrining and worshipping in the hole Seven true men Statue. Outside the hole, the ridges and peaks encircle, the valley of the gully is deep and remote and remote, the toothed oak of China fir is set off, endanger the rock and stand, the cobbled path winds, winding and colourful, wonderful and elegant and grand. The intersection of haze and weather whenever, hilltop white cloud curl up, verdant to float blue and green, a sea of clouds such as wave, the smog curls up, and the rays of sunlight appear occasionally, either overt or covert, as mist and clouds in the twilight being dimly discernible, the scenery is extremely fine. the blue sky overlaps water purlingly, smells here left some day on the cloud of ancient s poem. Where go celestial being in the hole, the intersection of mist and clouds in the twilight and scenery since every year . This hole is secluded and quiet and beautiful, carrying the mountain draws near water, it is angry to hide the wind and gather, has always practised austerities, sermonized and explained in the profound with great concentration as the lay Buddhist of the Taoist priest. Gold is great to fix ( 1167) for seven years ,Wang ZhongYang, Taoist priest of Xianyang wanders about the east to get off from the south mountain of end, gathers and sermonizes in the hole of mist and clouds in the twilight in vain, and accept seven disciples of mound machine,etc. and known as true man in the north seven ,Regard this as the centre, in Ninghai (Mouping) , Wendeng, Laizhou and other places preach, be founded at Taoism by new one pieces schismed -Chhuan Chen School. Mist and clouds in the twilight hole become, found religious sect promptly The cave heaven and blessed regionland . seven true men It is famous for China to the mound is the most, Genghis Khan it seals to be the intersection of country and teacher yuans of emperor who found a state, one is immortal ,Become a generation of masters who command Chinese Taoism, make completely to really teach and prevail in China. The hole of mist and clouds in the twilight, god s clear view is the front yard of the whole grandfather who really teaches, have important status in China s history, it is the Holy Land that a pope in China presents with respect. Nowadays, the whole really seven sons in Jin Yong s acrobatic fighting TV play Hero Shooting Vulture The stone carving looks like, copper tablet, imperial edict tablet, red well, Seven is real The tomb is protected intactly.
Aunt s hall of high mountain is the rough aunt s hall originally, the legend is that the rough aunt in Jianchang practised the place. The earth cloud: the big elder brother Yu is in Ninghai, the rough aunt practises the place . The celestial being passes the cloud: it tingle Shan aunt at aunt ( The elder brother of today Yu) Attain the Way and rise . Rough aunt the Eastern Jin Dynasty the intersection of people and Ge Hong write one goddess in the the the intersection of immortal and biography . Say in the book: At the emperor Huan, call in conformity with the intersection of king and Ping Fang together, rough aunt lower on Cai acting as a guest by house, Jing Cai meet her to be very much beautiful the Eastern Han Dynasty, there is only eighteen nine years old, can throw the rice Cheng Zhu. She narrates and once sees the blue sea turn into the mulberry field three times, it is obvious her age lasted several hundreds of millions of years. She said she would see water in Peng Lai is shallow on old time, also said on birthday that it is mother Wang on March 3 while coming this time, the rough aunt makes wine with glossy ganoderma on the deep red pearl riverside, as mother Wang and Zhu Shou. By the Tang Dynasty, the real minister of big calligraphist s face set up a monument for the biography. Five the intersection of period and the intersection of elder brother and Yu have rough the intersection of aunt and the intersection of tomb,etc. and celestial mark in the mountain, have stable political situation ( 1116) for less than 6 years Northern Song Dynasty ,The emblem is instructed under one, it is timid Miao true man to grant a rough aunt ,Exist side by side in the tablet. Since this rough aunt is worshipped by locals, and regard her as macrobiotic, callisthenics, clever, honest, pure symbol. Rough aunt attain the Way after the celestial being, gold heavy to make annual, the intersection of green rosy cloud and yuans of monarch Move into Mount Tai. Then build 108 for 72 seats temples such as aunt s audience hall of high mountain, chisel in the extant sites and forests of Steles, repair hall of the rough aunt s temple, three officers, hall of the God of Wealth, Old Man of the Moon shrine newly. Rough aunt s tomb of beauty spot, elder brother Yu change green, China in the spring, green rosy cloud pavilion, high mountain aunt s audience hall etc..
Have, dye temple, build in the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty the intersection of emperor and Yongkang Huan, burning incense ancient to stop in in fashion for a time eastern Shandong once, ( 1887) in the 13th year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty ,In rebuild and has not dyed institute s tablet inscription of the deep meditation ing, criticize of a text not dyeing Origin is called: It is faraway to the village, ones that occupy person are free from human desires and passions, must greatly free, thus come the name of. Or say: dye Rotate with the salt sound, the ancient stone shrine in the temple, under it empty, the cloud of the salt-free tomb of queen Qi according to legend . The subject of the temple has already been destroyed now, the side room is remained.
King Yulan of Jiangbei. Have of ancient Yulan in the courtyard, tree age already 300 more than year, every to April of late spring, green leaves have not taken place, the silver flower has already been put, the white snow of a tree, full valley delicate fragrance, make visitors seem to enter and have no condition dyed.
18 pools. Along buy river, go upstream very much, have Milan Grand Canyon Wan, it is in different poses and with different expressions to distribute from head to foot, varicoloured clear pool, the intersection of mother and empress Wang wash foot bath, the intersection of emerald and pool, the intersection of fairy maiden and the intersection of pool,etc. and 18 pools for instance. The pool crystal is lustrous and transparent and exquisitely carved, not withered all the year round. There are numerous beautiful and pleasant bedrock small stream valleys in the gorge, its small stream bed rock is in flakes, bright and clean like the jade, the limpid brook trickles during that time, the glistening light of waves is clear. Whenever particularly grand in summer, the green peak show mountain range of both sides of the gorge, set off in the forest, the bird s twitter in great numbers of flower, as the Land of Peach Blossoms, it is called nine small stockaded villages of Jiangbei, it is bath of mineral spring, the best choice of going to summer resort. Can really have a taste of the fun that the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place here.